When you use a new headset device in Aircall, you will be prompted to select the new device from Aircall as pictured below:

Once you select Yes, let’s use it, the device will now be saved in your Aircall settings for use with calls and will automatically be saved going forward. If you would like to remove this preference, you’ll need to toggle back to your computer settings and the device will be removed.

Test your microphone and adjust the headset settings via the audio settings section in your Phone. Open the Settings page from the User Icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Select Preferences and click Sounds.

In this tab, you'll be able to test the sound and change the input device.

As well as the speakers:

⚠️ Please note that if you are using your computer settings, Aircall will use the device selected in the computer settings. If you select a specific device, Aircall will ignore your computer settings and continue to use the selected device (when plugged in).

Please also note that your volume settings should be managed directly through your device settings in the sound preferences section as there are no volume adjustments within Aircall. ⚠️

Additional Settings

Automatically adjust microphone volume

This feature should only be activated when you are not using a headset. When you toggle this on, it will automatically balance the sound level when speaking through speakers.

Advanced Sound Processing

When activated, this setting will automatically reduce the background noise and echo. You should only activate this feature when using a USB headset device.

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