There may be times that you experience issues while using your headset. Perhaps you can not hear the person, or the other person can’t hear you. Maybe no sound is coming through your device, or you are getting too much background noise and feedback.

All these situations can put a damper on your communication and slow down your workflow. As troublesome as they are, there are ways to remedy the situation.

Here are our top tips to troubleshoot audio issues while using Aircall.

Using a Mac (with MacOS X)

While we strongly recommend using a mini-jack headset with your Mac, as it is automatically recognized by the system, most USB headsets will work. Just make sure that they are properly set up in your computer’s sound settings:

  • Click on the Apple on the left of your top bar

  • Open System Preferences and look for the Sound section

  • Select your headset for sound output and input

  • After selecting, Quit and Relaunch the app

⚠️ Note: If you are using USB headsets on Mac, you will have to follow the steps above every time you unplug/replug your headset, or relaunch your session

If you have recently updated your Mac, please make sure to allow the microphone to access Google Chrome in the Security & Privacy settings of your computer.

If you're using a PC (with Windows)

On Windows, we strongly recommend using a USB headset with your Windows PC since it’s more likely to be recognized by your system. However, both USB and mini-jack headsets are considered external devices and require the proper drivers and configuration in Windows.

Make sure your headset is connected to your computer before you launch Chrome to avoid loss of connectivity, then check that your computer's operating system can recognize the device. To do that:

  • Open up system search and type in manage audio devices.

  • Select the option from the list of results

  • On the Playback tab, select the device you want to use from the list.

Google Chrome

If you are using our web application or if you are using the Aircall phone in your integration, please be sure to check in the Google Chrome Settings that the tab sound is not muted.

If this feature is activated, it may impact the sound of your phone.

No Sound Coming In

One-way audio happens when one person can’t hear the other person over the phone. This situation can be especially problematic when an agent receives a call, but cannot hear the person on the other line.

There are three main causes for this issue:


Network issues and a poor signal can cause voice data loss and eventually lead to one-way audio. If this is the problem, the best thing to do is end the call and then call back a few minutes later, giving the network time to reset.


Sometimes the person on the other line is using a carrier that is not able to successfully connect the call to Aircall’s carrier. If the issue happens often for the same person, they would need to report it on their end. However, we do recommend trying again by ending the call and attempting again a few minutes later.

Service provider

There are very rare occasions when the issue is caused by one of our service providers. This happens when there are problems connecting to the specific Aircall number that is being used. In this case, reach out to the Aircall support team, and we will either create a new number or port your current number to a different provider.

No Sound Going Out

There may be a situation in which an agent receives or makes a call, but can not be heard by the other person on the line. Here are our recommendations to troubleshoot this issue of one-way audio:

  • Make sure your headset is properly configured on your Mac or PC

  • Use the microphone indicator on your app before placing a call. If the indicator does not move, the microphone is likely muted or not recognized by the system.

    ⚠️ If it still does not move, the microphone may be damaged.

  • Verify your headset configuration, when you have a microphone level alert before or during a call.

To ensure that you are using a compliant device, please refer to our list of recommended headsets.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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