This article is for Aircall’s old Dashboard which most Admins have been migrated away from. For information on Aircall’s new Dashboard, please click here.

Setting up the Music and Messages on each of your numbers is an essential step in creating a cohesive and custom experience for your customers.

Configuring these features allows you to communicate to your customers when your lines are closed, your agents might be busy, or to simply play some pleasant waiting music while waiting to be connected.

With Aircall, only Admin users are able to set up these options.

Let’s take a more detailed look at learning how to configure them and what each option can do for your workflow.

  • First things first, log into the Aircall Dashboard.

  • Click on Numbers in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Select the Number you would like to configure.

In the Number Settings flow, you’ll see the following message options if your line is considered Open:

  • Welcome Message

  • Waiting Music

  • Unanswered Call Message

If your number is closed, you will see that the After Hours Message is active:

Pro-tip: you can customize each message by clicking on the pencil icon located next to each option.

When clicking on the Edit option, you’ll be able to either write a message that will be saved as pre-recorded text or you can upload a custom message from a file. If you choose the text-to-speech option, you will be able to choose from 16 different languages and 15 different voice styles.

However, if you do not like any of these options, you are also free to upload your own pre-recorded custom message. You will need to record the message through a professional recording application.

Please make sure that if you record the message via macOS, you will send it through a converter or compressor to ensure the metadata is compatible.

Take note that on the same screen, you'll be able to also switch on the voicemail option for calls that are missed or outside of your Business Hours.

You can also customize the music by editing and choosing from 12 different sounds in the Aircall Media Library. All of Aircall’s music is royalty-free.

If these options don't suit you, please feel free to upload your own music.

All custom files must be under 10mb and in mp3 format. However, you'll need to record or convert a message on your own and can do so by using an online recording service such as Vocaroo or Online Convert.

If you are familiar with audio recording, we recommend using Audacity and then exporting your audio file in MP3 format as described here. Note that Apple's software adds specific audio recording data that is not compatible with Aircall and will need to be converted.

What do all of these messages do?

Each message that you can choose to activate has a specific purpose. It is not necessary to use all of the music and message options available and should be used based on your specific business needs.

Here is a quick overview of each of these messages:

Welcome Message

The Welcome Message is the first message that your callers will hear when they call your line. It can be as simple as, “Hello, thank you for calling Aircall, we will be with you shortly” to something more detailed. Your callers will hear this message before hearing the waiting music. This message is optional and can be turned on or off depending on your business needs. Please keep in mind that if it is enabled, your callers will have to listen to the entire message before being connected to an available Aircall user.

Waiting Music

The Waiting Music will play after the Welcome Message and will be heard while your customers are waiting to be connected to an available agent. This message cannot be disabled but can be customized.

Music on Hold

The Music on Hold differs from the waiting music as it will only play when you put a customer on hold or transfer them to another team or teammate. This option cannot be disabled but can be customized. You will find the Music on Hold in the advanced numbers setting page located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

After Hours Message

The After Hours Message is the message that your customers hear when you have closed your line or when they have called outside of your set business hours. This message cannot be disabled but is customizable. From this option, you can also enable the voicemail feature to allow your callers to leave you a message.

Unanswered Call Message

The Unanswered Call Message will play when your line is open and an Aircall user did not answer the call. This message cannot be disabled, but it can be customized. From this option, you can also enable the voicemail feature to allow your callers to leave you a message.

Callback Request Confirmation Message

Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to customize this message. A standard message will be played in English.

Setting Up Voicemail

In Aircall, voicemails are attached to numbers, rather than users. You can set up the voicemail on your line by enabling the voicemail option through the After Hours Message and/or the Unanswered Call Message.

You can turn on the voicemail by selecting one of the messages (or both) and clicking on the pencil icon to edit the preferences. Then, select the checkbox to Allow the caller to leave a voicemail to activate the voicemail.

Where do voicemails appear?

Voicemails will appear in the inbox section of your application. Only the users and teams that are assigned to the call distribution of the number will receive voicemail notifications for that number. From there, you can listen to the voicemail, call the customer back, and archive the message.

💡Pro tip: If you would like to access voicemails or call data from a number you are not assigned to, check out the Outgoing Calling Only option!

IVR Message

An IVR message is a message that communicates to your customers which keypad button to select to reach a specific team or department. IVR messages are not optional.

Once you have switched your Classic Number to an IVR number, you will need to upload a custom message. The message will always be custom as the redirection options will be based on your business setup.

👏🏻 That’s a wrap! You’ve now officially learned how to set up your Voicemail, Music, and Messages!

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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