This article is for Aircall’s old Dashboard which most Admins have been migrated away from. For information on Aircall’s new Dashboard, please click here.

It's essential for businesses to help answer their customer's questions as quickly as possible. One great way to achieve this is to set up what is called an Interactive Voice Response Number (IVR).

What does that mean exactly? An IVR number is simply the main phone number your customers call which provides them with a menu of options to choose from on their keypad (1- for support, 2- for sales), etc.,

Once your customer selects the option, their call is then redirected to the appropriate corresponding agent/department (always to a classic number).

An Admin user can set this up directly in the Aircall Dashboard by establishing the number as either an IVR number or a classic number. Once you have selected the number as an IVR number, you can then direct calls to other Aircall numbers or external mobile or landline numbers.

*Please note that it is not yet possible to directly route calls to teams from the main IVR number. However, you can create an IVR child number (or a redirection number) and assign the team to the call distribution of the phone number. Should your IVR number be Toll-Free, please also note that the total duration of the call will be charged as Toll-Free, even if your IVR child numbers are not Toll-Free.

Now let’s begin with setting up your IVR number:

Adding a new IVR Number

You can create a new number from the Admin dashboard and set it up from the beginning as an IVR number.

  • Login to your Dashboard.

  • Click on Numbers in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Select Create Number.

  • Choose Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Switching a Classic Number to an IVR Number

  • Login to your Dashboard.

  • Click on Numbers in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Select a Number that you would like to make an IVR number.

Select the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then select Edit in the General Settings. A side panel will slide out from the right-hand side of the screen and in the Type field, select IVR. Then click Save.

Next, you’ll need to return back to the main Number Settings page to configure the redirection lines and set up the custom IVR message.

Here you can click on the interactive drop-down to set the redirection options during and outside of your business hours. You can choose to redirect to an external number, another Aircall number, or create a new number in the tree.

When making a classic number into an IVR number, please note that the main IVR Phone number will be charged at a monthly rate depending on your plan. Any redirection lines established are free of charge.

If a caller does not select an option or presses an incorrect key, the IVR message will play again. If they still do not select an option, they'll be asked to call back later and the call will be disconnected automatically. The callback later message is not customizable.

Upload your IVR Message

Once you've defined the IVR menu options, you will need to add your own IVR message to communicate the keys (numbers on the keypad) that your callers should choose from.

⚠️ An IVR number will not be functional until the IVR message has been customized and saved.

When uploading an IVR message please keep in mind that the message can only be 20 megabytes.

If you choose to make your number an IVR number we recommend that you disable your welcome message.

Looking to switch your number back to a classic number? Follow our guide here.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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