To ensure a consistent level of customer service and measure agent performance, those in supervisory roles may want to have the ability to monitor live calls and train agents effectively during a call. 

Aircall's Agent Coaching feature, available on the Professional plan, does just that by providing Aircall Admins the privilege of listening in on calls in real-time. Aircall admins can whisper to an agent without alerting the customer, coaching them to professionalism and productivity.

How does this feature work for Admin Users?

  • Log in to your Dashboard
  • Click on Calls & Stats located in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select Activity feed.   
  • Select the ongoing call and click Coach
  • Within the pop-up screen, you'll need to choose to Notify the user when you join or not.
  • Click Start
  • You can leave and coach the same call as many times as you would like.

Agent Perspective - How does it work? 

  • When an agent's call is being coached, the agent will be alerted by a sound.
  • A notification indicating an Admin has entered the call will appear in the agent's app.
  • A notification will appear on the Aircall app reading “USER X is coaching me”.
  • The Aircall agent will be able to hear both their customer and the Aircall Admin.
  • The client will not be able to hear the Admin who is coaching.
  • The Aircall agent can perform all typical call actions as usual (transfer, mute, hold, tag, comment, hang up).
  • The Aircall agent cannot remove the coaching Aircall admin from the call.

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