When using Aircall, you can conveniently choose between either an annual or a monthly payment plan. Once you’ve selected your desired billing frequency, your invoice will reflect the items accordingly. If you should have any questions about the items on your invoice specifically, please directly reach out to our Billing Team or your Account Manager to discuss them in detail. As a general rule, though, you can expect to see the following items when referring to your invoice.

Annual plan

Your invoice will be issued on the same day each year. It includes all users and numbers added to your account for the entire upcoming year. Please note that outbound calls are not charged on a yearly basis and you will still receive a monthly invoice for these charges as well as any pro-rata amounts for any newly added users or numbers.

Monthly plan

Your first invoice will be issued on the day that you subscribe to a plan in Aircall and will be the day of your reoccurring payment each month. Your invoice will include all users and numbers for the upcoming month. As well as those added during the monthly billing cycle on a prorated basis along with your outbound calling minutes from the previous month.

How do I read the items on my invoice?

Recurring items - Upcoming month

Your subscription for Users and Numbers on your plan will appear here for the upcoming month. This item will only appear if you're on a monthly plan.

Prorata - Past month: If you added any new Users or Numbers during the last month, it will be billed pro-rata until the end of your billing period and appear in this section.

Minutes- Past month: In this section, you’ll see the charges for any inbound calls to toll-free numbers as well as your outbound call minutes.

Total: The total amount of the invoice will include all of the items due.

Account Information: If you have an outstanding balance, the previous amount due will be displayed here.

Payment details: If you have selected to pay by credit card (the card saved in the Account section of the Dashboard) you will be automatically charged for the amount due on your subscription renewal date. If you have selected to pay by Sepa or ACH, then the corresponding account will be charged. If you have selected to pay by bank transfer, you will be able to view the account information displayed here but payments should be initiated by your finance department.

If you have any questions about your invoice or would like to change your payment details, please directly contact our Billing Team via our Portal.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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