July 2020



Concurrent call management

When you’re in-call with Aircall, you’ll still be able to receive and answer a personal call. You will get a notification alerting you of an incoming call and have the option to answer (which will put your first call on hold) or decline to better manage calls.

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New App: Weather by Aircall

See the weather, location, and temperature of a caller in your phone UI, based on their phone number.

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June 2020

Desktop App, Mobile App, Chrome Extension

Aircall is now available in additional languages!

Our desktop phone, mobile apps, and chrome extension are now available in French, German, and Spanish. You will be prompted in the app to update your language preferences and can adjust at any time within your user settings. Learn more about how to change your language settings here.


Merge existing contacts on Android

When you create a new contact, Aircall will check to see if it's an existing contact and give you the option to merge or override it to prevent duplicates. Learn more about the feature here.

Contact synchronization on Android

If you use Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zendesk, or Intercom apps on your Android phone, you can automatically sync your contacts to Aircall in the Android app. Learn more about contact synchronization here.


Our App Marketplace is growing! Here are our May/June new additions:

AI & Transcription

Data & Reporting

Help Desk / Productivity


We have launched our new Developer website!

Find all the information you need about our API & Webhooks in a platform that’s easy to use and full of useful tutorials and documentation. You'll even notice that it's available in dark mode!

We want to give our customers, partners, and developers all the tools needed to develop Aircall features with their workflow. Check it out here.



More flexible account configuration

Within the Aircall dashboard, Admins will experience an improved flow when:

  • Create a number without assigning a user.
  • Create a user without assigning a number.
  • Create a team without assigning any users.

Feel free to follow our setup guides here if you should need a refresher:

Adding a New User

Creating a New Number

Adding a Team


To-do enhancements

Improvements to the To-do section include; better visibility, prioritization of tasks, and more intuitive UI for a better workflow.

  • Call grouping: voicemails are now included in the Missed calls section and voicemails from the same contact are listed together.
  • New selections: users can now access the Archive all button from the main view at the top of the screen.
  • Clickable actions: users can select one or multiple calls to display a new action banner with actions such as Select all, Assign, or Archive.

April 2020
New User Interface for the Call Ended View 

In response to user feedback, we are updating the design of the Call Ended View to make it easier to take relevant actions at the end of a call. 

  • You will now see the Navigation Menu at the bottom.
  • You’ll see contact information, call information, and the same core action components as the In-Call State. 
  • Notes, tags, and assignments are pushed when this screen is dismissed.
  • You will be able to receive calls from this view.
  • Smiley ratings have been changed to Star ratings.


Mandatory Tagging

If a user has Mandatory Tagging enabled, it will take precedence over the Call Ended screen as an implies that an action needs to be performed here. Once the tag(s) have been selected, then you’ll move to the Call Ended Screen. You will not be able to receive new calls when you are stuck in Mandatory Tagging.

Wrap-Up Time

When you have a Wrap-Up time enabled, you’ll now arrive at the Call Ended screen, but, you’ll see a banner at the bottom of the Phone along with the Navigation Bar. You will not receive new calls unless you click on Back now. Once the Wrap-Up timer finishes, the banner will change to green to match your availability status and you can now receive new calls.


Feedback Screen

The Feedback screen is now available on the Call Ended screen. When you rate 1 or 2 stars, you’ll then receive the What went wrong screen.

(Please note: stars are not displayed after every single call, but will happen at random.)

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