Default Calling Number

Choosing your default calling number and country calling code will set you up to execute quick calls.

If you are assigned to multiple phone lines, choosing a default number to call from will ensure consistency with your customers.

  • Open your Aircall Phone and click on the Keypad section.

  • Click on the arrow to open up the Select your number menu.

  • Click on the three dots next to a number of your preference.

  • Select Set as default.

The menu will automatically close and you’ll now see that the default number has been updated. If you need to temporarily switch to another number when making an outgoing call, you can open up the menu again to switch to another number. The default number though will remain the same showing (default) next to the number with a green check.

Default Country Calling Code

If you’d like to set a default country calling code, you can do so from the same section of the Aircall Phone.

  • Open your Aircall Phone and click on the Keypad section

  • Click on the country flag located in the upper left-hand corner of the app

  • The country menu will slide up from the bottom

  • Search for a country and click on the three dots

  • Select Set as default to choose the country

  • The country will now be set as default

Please keep in mind that when you are using the click-to-dial feature, the default country calling code will be applied.

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