There are few tasks more daunting than dealing with a long list of outbound calls to make. Whether you’re following-up with a list of clients or chasing down customer payments– our team at Aircall has a solution that will make your life much easier.

Our Power Dialer feature allows agents to save time on outbound calls, without any interruptions.

No more toggling between different tools and copy-pasting phone numbers between calls. The Aircall Power Dialer eliminates these repetitive manual tasks by automatically adding numbers to your queue while integrating with your CRM.

How to Access The Power Dialer

The Power Dialer feature is currently available on the Aircall Professional plan.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of the Chrome extension installed. You can verify this by going to the Chrome extension store here:

How does The Power Dialer work?

  • Once you are logged into your Aircall desktop or web app, the Power Dialer will automatically detect phone numbers from web pages through Aircall’s Browser Extensions

  • Once numbers have been identified, you will then be able add the list to the Power Dialer feature. You can also hover over each number to select which ones from the list you would like to add to the Power Dialer, as well as reorder the numbers by clicking on the three lines on the right and dragging each number into the proper order:

    By clicking “Power Dialer” you will be directed to a screen where you can see all Valid, Duplicate, and Invalid numbers that have been identified:

    Any numbers that have already been added to your Power Dialer from a previous page will show in the “Duplicate” section and will not be added again. Any numbers identified as being invalid will show in the “Invalid” section.

    From this page you can choose to go back to add more numbers from a different page, or can click “Open Aircall” to open your application. From your application you will be able to view your list and start the dialing session.

  • Click on Start Dial Session to begin the session.

  • Select the phone line you would like to make the outbound calls from.

Once you have begun the session, calls will automatically begin with the same outbound calling line selected in your application. Prior to starting a session, be sure to choose the outbound calling number as this will be the number that is used throughout the entire session. It's not possible to switch during an active session.

While you are in a session you can:

  • Delete one or more numbers from the sequence outside of the call currently in progress

  • Delete the entire sequence by selecting Delete All.

  • Switch Off Session by toggling off in the upper right-hand corner to temporarily stop the calling sequence at any time (this feature does not include your wrap-up time).

  • Skip to the next call

  • Hang up and move to the next number in the queue

  • View information linked to your CRM in the call view

  • Tag or Comment within the call

  • Automated system removal of duplicated numbers

Please note that it is only possible to add 1000 numbers to your Power Dialer at a time. Should you need to add more than 1000, please make sure to divide the list into parts no greater than 1000 each, and add each part individually.

You can also learn how to create a list of numbers in Google Sheets to populate in the dialer through this guide.

Tagging While Using the Power Dialer

When using the Power Dialer, you will be able to add and remove Tags during the call as normal, however the normal Call Ended screen will not show after the call.

If you do not have Mandatory Tagging enabled for your number, the Power Dialer will automatically begin dialing the next number in the list once a call is completed.

If you do have Mandatory Tagging enabled for your number, the tagging screen will display once a call is completed, however you will only be able to add one Tag before the Power Dialer begins dialing the next number in the list.

If you are needing to add Notes, or add multiple Tags to calls, please make sure to do so before the call is completed when using the Power Dialer.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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