It’s not always practical to have to ping your colleague to see if they are available to take a call. Checking your teammate’s availability directly from the Aircall Phone is not only convenient but easy to manage.

Open your Aircall phone and click on the People section. Your teammates using Aircall will be displayed by default in the list.

If your teammate is Available, they will appear with a green dot next to their profile icon. If they are Unavailable, they will appear with a red dot.

When a teammate is Unavailable, the sub-status reason will also be listed:

  • On a break

  • Out for lunch

  • In training

  • Back office

  • Other

⚠️ If your teammate has a red dot, you will not be able to transfer a call to them.

✅ As an admin user, you can also check the agent availability from the Activity Feed if you are subscribed to the Professional plan.

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