When engaged in a call with a customer, you might need to contact another person during the call to verify some information. In Aircall, you can use the Parallel call feature which allows you to put a customer on hold, start an outbound call with another contact, then instantly switch back between both conversations as needed.

What can this feature do?

  • When already on an inbound or outbound call, you can dial an external number or registered contact to start a second call

  • The person you're not directly in communication with will be put on hold automatically

  • You can swap between the two calls

  • You can assign, tag, and comment on both parts of the call

  • You can call back the same number after you've hung up

  • You can make as many consecutive calls while on the same inbound or outbound call as needed, (hang up and call another person) but you can only have 2 calls in parallel

Please note that parallel calling cannot be used with internal calls or calls between teammates on Aircall.

How does this feature work?

While engaged in a call with a client, click on Add or call:

Type in your contact's number or a registered contact's name, then launch the call (your first call will be put on hold):

Once you've successfully launched your second call, you can swap between both calls at any time by clicking on the top card (green) to switch back to the other contact. You can also press the hang-up button to end the call with one party or the other:

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