In Aircall, you can transfer calls directly from the Phone application.

When choosing to transfer a call, you can select between a warm or cold transfer. To transfer the call right away without speaking to your colleague or the external party first, select the Transfer now button. Then select an agent, team, or type in an external number to transfer to.

Once you’ve pushed the Transfer now button, the call will immediately transfer out of Aircall and the external party can either accept or reject the transfer.

Note: If the external party or your colleague does not answer the call, the call will return to you.

Warm Transfer Option

The Warm transfer feature allows for smoother communication. Taking advantage of this feature allows you to give context to your teammate before transferring a call to them. You can also go back and forth between a teammate and the client as many times as needed before transferring the call completely.

Once you hit the Transfer button, your call will end.

From this view, you’ll also be able to check if your teammate is available to take the call by the Availability indicator in the right corner of the icon.

When you receive a transferred call from a number that you are not assigned to, the call will show up in the History so that you can easily access all of the information related to it (number, recording, tags, and comments).

Internal Calls

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer an internal call within Aircall.

Call Recordings

Please note: Recording cannot be enabled/disabled after a call is transferred. Should a call be set to record before transferring, it will not be able to be paused once the transfer is complete.

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