Whether you were unavailable to take a call or already engaged in a call, missed calls happen. Checking your missed calls is simple.

If you are assigned to a phone line either within the distribution or as an outbound caller, your missed calls for that phone line will appear in the To-do section of the Phone Application.

In the To-do section, you will be able to perform actions on these types of calls, such as calling back or bulk archiving.

⚠️ Please note that once you have called back the missed call, it will be marked as done and appear in the Call History section of your application.

Any activity here will show in chronological order. Missed calls will now be grouped together by contact or number under the same call detail as well as any voicemails left from the same caller.

📚 Looking to sort these types of calls or any call? Check out our guide on filtering your calls.

⚠️ Missed calls and Voicemails for IVR Numbers will not show in your To-do List or Call History automatically. If you want to see your IVR Numbers' missed calls and voicemails, you will need to open the History section and include those numbers in your filters.

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