Helping your customers get the right answers means taking detailed notes during your conversation. Using the notes section directly in the Aircall Phone allows you to remember those important details for later.

Adding notes is also helpful for your teammates, as the next agent in contact will have access to all the relevant information related to their last point of contact. Your Notes will be visible to all teammates assigned to the same phone line.

In Aircall, you can utilize the Notes feature in several ways:

Adding notes In-Call

While on a call with a customer, you can quickly add notes by selecting the Notes button.

Once selected, the Notes bar will slide open and you can begin typing. When you’ve finished, push Done and your Notes will automatically be saved.

Please be sure to always close the end-call view to save your note. If you should refresh the page prior to clicking out of this view, you will lose your notes.

Adding Notes after a Call

You can add notes to a call after it has ended from the To-do or Call History section. Just click a call from one of these sections to open the Call Details page and click Add notes. Keep in mind that once a note is saved, it can no longer be edited.

Here, you can begin typing in the Notes box: Click on Save to ensure the notes are added.

So, how do you know that you or your teammate added notes? Simple. From the To-do or Call History section, you’ll see in the Call log that Notes were added.

Using Notes with your CRM

Keep in mind that whatever Notes you’ve taken on a call, will be synchronized with the CRM integrated with your number.

Once the Call Details view has been closed and the Note saved, then the Notes will populate in your CRM.

Once a note has been sent to your CRM there is no way to directly edit or change the note.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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