Customer satisfaction can depend on many things, but one important aspect is ensuring that the right teammate is taking care of your customer’s requests. In Aircall, you can assign calls to your teammates easily from the Aircall Phone Application.

You can Assign calls in Aircall in four ways; from the To-do section, In-Call, Call End View, or by Bulk Action. Let’s take a look at the first one.

Assigning calls from the To-do Section

When you open your Aircall Phone and are viewing the To-do section, you’ll see a list of calls that require action from you (missed calls, voicemails, assigned calls, or callback requests).

From here you can click on the ellipsis icon to open a list of actionable items such as; Mark as done, copying a phone number, or Assigning to a teammate.

Click on Assign to teammate and a new menu will open with a list of your teammates to choose to Assign to.

Please note that you can only assign a call to one teammate.

You can also Assign a call from the Call History or To do section by clicking on the call to access the call details where you can select Assign.

Assigning calls from The In-call or Call End View

While In-call or in the Call End view, you can choose to Assign a call to a fellow teammate. From here, you can select Assign and the same Assign to menu will appear.

Assigning calls by Bulk Action

You can also Assign calls in bulk to a teammate. Just select the calls by ticking the boxes on the left-hand side of each call. Then, on the menu at the bottom of the phone select Assign.

Now that you’ve learned how to Assign your calls, why not make it better for your teammate by adding details and notes?

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