When a call is transmitted, the Caller ID of a phone number is passed from carrier to carrier. When Aircall receives an incoming call, we perform a basic normalization with our carrier to display the incoming caller ID using the standard E.164 format.

However, as different carriers use a variation of number formatting and as calls are parsed through different networks, unfortunately, the caller ID information may be altered along the way.

When this occurs, Aircall will show the caller ID information exactly how we received it from the calling party. At this stage, it is not possible to alter the caller ID format as the original carrier may have incorrectly formatted or modified the number.

Here are some typical caller ID’s you might see:

  • Restricted →737874 2833

  • Blocked → 256-2533

  • Unknown → 865-6696

  • Anonymous → 266696687

  • Unavailable →86282452253

These caller ID's are most common when the caller is calling from a VoIP service.

📚 Please visit this article to learn more about Caller ID restrictions.

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