Aircall is most powerful when connected with your essential business tools. If you are having trouble logging calls to your integrated CRM, this guide will help you double-check the most common set-up snags before you contact the Aircall support team.

First, keep in mind that the integration is set up on the Aircall side, at the number level (not the user level). Information is passed through the phone number and logged accordingly to the integration. Here are five specific things to review:

Subscription Plan

Please be sure that you have an eligible Aircall subscription as well as the required plan for your CRM in order to install and configure the integration. If you are not using the minimum required plan in either Aircall or the integration, you will need to upgrade in order to install and configure it. You will easily find the plan requirements listed in each setup guide.

Matching Credentials

In order to set up and successfully use an integration with Aircall, each user connected to Aircall and the integration must have the same email address in both systems. If you are using different email addresses in each system, your calls will not log correctly.

Upon installation, please be sure to double-check that you are using the same email address in Aircall and the integration.

⚠️ Please note in some cases the email addresses are case sensitive.

When installing an integration, it is important to also note that the Admin user must be the same Admin user in both Aircall and the integration. If your company experiences staffing changes and the Admin user that set up an integration is removed or has their rights revoked, the integration will stop working and become deactivated.

Phone Number Format

When using Aircall with an integration, please be sure that your contact’s phone numbers are saved in your integration in what is called the E.164 Format. If your phone numbers are not saved in this format, your calls will not log correctly. Depending on the integration, additional number formats may be accepted. Please see the configuration guides for each integration for details.

Phone Number Assignment & Configuration

From the Integrations & API section of the Aircall Dashboard, you will be able to assign your Aircall phone numbers to an integration, and set up specific workflows that vary depending on the integration.

If the phone number is not assigned to the integration, then your calls will not log. All you have to do to fix that issue is to assign the phone number to the integration.

⚠️ Please note: If you are using IVR numbers with your Aircall account, please make sure to assign those numbers to your integration as well to ensure all calls are logged. Should an IVR number not be assigned, any calls which connect initially to that number may not log. (For example - If your Sales team is reached by calling a general IVR number then selecting option 2, you will need to have both the IVR number and the phone number option 2 directs to, assigned to the integration to ensure all calls are logged).

If the phone number is assigned to the integration, and you are still experiencing issues, please be sure to check the workflows that you have set up.

Accessible Fields

Aircall works with integrations by pushing specific data from Aircall to a specific set of fields within the integration. The main field used is the Phone Number field. If you populate numbers in your contact card (in your CRM) outside of this field (work phone, mobile phone, etc.), your calls will not log properly. (work phone, mobile phone, etc.,).

If you have multiple phone numbers required for one contact, then you will have to create multiple contacts with the number in the Phone Number field.

⚠️ Please note that if you use any custom fields within your integration, be sure to not make these fields mandatory or the integration will no longer work and your calls will not log. The use of custom fields is possible, however not with the mandatory marker enforced.

If you are still experiencing issues once you’ve checked all these basic requirements above, please be sure to collect as many call examples as possible and submit a ticket with the support team for further investigation.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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