Some features of the Aircall CTI for Salesforce may stop working when your Aircall account is upgraded to the new phone. The impacted features include click-to-dial, Aircall CTI screen-pop, and Salesforce Contact page screen-pop on incoming calls.

Thankfully, it only takes a few clicks to update your Aircall CTI for Salesforce to ensure that it is updated to work with the new Aircall phone, and that all features continue to work as expected.

⚠️ ACTION REQUIRED: If you have configured the Aircall CTI for Salesforce prior to January 2020, you’ll need to manually update the Aircall CTI Adapter URL from your Salesforce account. To do so, please see the five easy steps below.

To begin, log in to your Salesforce account. Note - you need to be a Salesforce admin to complete these steps:

  • Go to Setup and search for Call Center in the quick find bar

  • Click on Call Centers and select Aircall CTI for Salesforce

  • Click on Edit

  • Find and edit the CTI Adapter URL and CTI Adapter URL2 fields. If you have not updated your CTI before, you will see that both fields have the old url (i.e. listed. Please edit both the CTI Adapter URL and CTI Adapter URL2 fields with the new url, which is

  • Click Save


That's it! All of the features of your Aircall CTI for Salesforce should now be available and working as intended. 🎉


Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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