⚠️ Make sure the Aircall app is installed in Jobadder.

Receiving Calls:

When you receive a call, the Aircall app will automatically pop up displaying the details of the caller, including a link to their JobAdder record via an Insight Card.

⚠️ Please Note: The candidate or contact's phone number must already exist in your JobAdder database for Aircall to successfully recognize the caller.

From the Aircall app, click View in JobAdder and you'll be taken directly to the corresponding record.

Managing Notes:

When you type a note in Aircall's notes section during the call, the content will be saved automatically to the record in Jobadder:

The notes and a URL to a recording of the call appear as in the Activity section on the Candidate (or Contact) record:

View call analytics via the Aircall dashboard:

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