With the Aircall-Avoma integration, you can transcribe and analyze customer-facing calls to get summarized notes and actionable insights from every conversation. Thankfully, getting set up only takes a few minutes!

⚠️Please note, only the Admin in Avoma can connect/disconnect the Aircall account. If you have more users in Aircall, each of them need to sign up at Avoma otherwise calls will not be processed for those users.

First, go to https://app.avoma.com/settings/users page to confirm that you're and Authorized Admin:

Steps to connect your Aircall account:

  1. Please go to https://app.avoma.com/settings/admin_dialer and click Dialer

  2. Select the “Connect to Aircall” button (a popup window will open)

  3. Perform Aircall authentication as shown on the Auth page. Make sure that the email address used in both accounts is the same

  4. Confirm that it says Connected to Aircall

If you have more users in Aircall, ensure that they're all added to Avoma otherwise calls will not be processed for those users.

  1. Log into https://dashboard-v2.aircall.io

  2. Go to the Integrations tab

  3. Click Integrations and users should see Avoma’s webhook. (If you do not see the Avoma integration, make sure that you have access to integrations in your Aircall account.)

  4. Select the Configure button for the Avoma webhook

  5. Follow through with the guided steps on the page to connect your numbers to Avoma’s webhook

  6. Save your changes.

How calls are processed in Avoma?

When calls are made using a linked phone number from Aircall’s application, Avoma receives a webhook from Aircall and creates a recording with related details like Transcript, Notes, Insights, etc. These recordings should be visible under Avoma’s Past Meetings section.

⚠️ NOTE: As of now, Avoma will receive all webhooks for calls made from linked phone numbers and emails. All other webhooks where user's emails do not match any users in Avoma (linked to the Aircall account) will be ignored.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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