This is an overview of how you can use Aircall connected with Front. For more information on how to integrate Front with Aircall, click this link.

Front Integration Basics

Call Logging:

  • Calls are logged on the Contact level. New Contacts are created if the phone number does not exist on the Front App. It will be assigned to the Aircall Phone Inbox

  • Calls are logged as Conversations


Call Object:

  • Type of Object: Conversations

  • Status: Open

  • Inbox: Aircall Phone Inbox or the inbox where the conversation is assigned, if reassigned by one of the agents

  • Subject: Call type/qualification + line of the call (Stays the same as long as the conversation is not archived. When archived, the subject changes with the new call qualification.)

After the first Conversation with a specific contact, all following phone calls will be logged under the same conversation as a new Activity.

Call Information:

Each piece of information is an Activity included in a specific Conversation. Below are the information types pushed on each activity.

  • Call qualification +Line

  • Line on which the call was made/received

  • Customer Number

  • Agent who made the call

  • Call duration - Separate activity

  • Recording URL - Separate activity

  • Comments during the call - Logged as Comments (as if they were written by the agent)

Call Assignment:

  • Conversations are logged by the person making or receiving the call if the call is answered

  • If a call to a line assigned to a specific user is missed, the call is always logged by the customer

  • If call to a line assigned to a team is missed, or dropped when navigating through the IVR, the call is logged by the customer

  • The agent logs only the comments, which are shown only when a call is answered

  • The Conversation is assigned to the common inbox and the participants are the ones assigned to that inbox. If the call is answered, the conversation is also assigned to the specific agent picking up the call

Click to Dial:

  • Shown below: Direct Dial of the number when going to a specific conversation, using the Aircall Plugin


Reporting and Analytics:

Front App reporting is generally used to measure Conversations, and time to reply to these conversations. However, it is not possible to 'reply' to a phone call through a Front App message. The main dashboard which can be used is the following, which tracks the total conversations received by the team in a specific amount of time.


Use Cases

Sync Comments with Front Tags:

Using Front automation rules, it is possible to attach tags to specific conversations according to the notes written by the agent. This is how it can be done:

  • Go to the settings and go to the company rules (which are different from individual rules).

  • Start the workflow when a new Comment is added as the notes written by the agents are pushed into Front from Aircall as a Comment

  • Check that the Comment is located in the proper inbox where all of the Aircall Conversations are logged (in this case Aircall Phone) and control that the comment body has the specific content from which you want to trigger the workflow. (In this case, we want that every single time an agent writes “Test,” a tag is applied to the conversation.)

  • Push the tag onto the conversation as seen below.


To keep your work clean, delete the tag as soon as you have archived the conversation through another handy automation rule which you can find below.


Assign Voicemails to a Specific Inbox Automatically

Many teams work with several inboxes and use automation rules in order to route calls, missed calls, and voicemails to the right inbox. In order to set up this automation rule, we need to make sure that agents archive conversations once they are done. This can be automated as well. This is because this workflow is triggered by the “Subject” of the conversation and not based on what is written within a specific “Activity”. Here is how you set up the flow.

  • WithinSettings, go to the Company Rules section

  • Create a simple automation rule to direct Voicemails into a specific Inbox previously created and called Voicemails. The workflow is triggered only when a new Inbound Message is created, with the subject “Voicemail,” which is the default subject that Aircall pushed to Front when a Voicemail is left in one of the lines.

  • Move the Conversation into a specific inbox called Voicemail.

  • To make sure that that same message won't go back to these inbox, you have to create a second rule that brings back this conversation to the normal “Aircall phone” inbox when archived, as you can see below.


⚠️ Please note: in order to maintain consistency and reliability in call logging, voicemail links will take approximately 3 minutes to log in Front.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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