Bullhorn Integration Basics

Call Logging:

  • Calls are logged on the Candidate, the Contact, and on the Company. Calls are logged as a Note and the action is synced with the first tag pushed by the agent during the call.


Call Object:

  • Type of Object: Notes

  • Created by: Agent making or taking the call

  • About whom: Contact/Candidate to whom the call is associated with

  • Action: First tag pushed by the agent during the call (Case Sensitive)

  • Comments: Call Information

Call Information:

  • Call comments- Type of Call (Outbound/Inbound/Voicemail), Aircall Number Name, Call Notes, Call Recording

Call Assignment:

  • The call is assigned to the agent making or receiving the call if the call is answered.

Caller Insights:

  • With Aircall’s Insight Cards, the caller’s name, the contact owner, and a link to the Candidate in Bullhorn will be displayed in Aircall as soon as the phone rings, or while you’re on the phone.

Use Case

Here is an example of how you can use Bullhorn connected with Aircall.

Sync Tags with Actions for better reporting and automating agents’ tasks

Tag sync makes it easy to automate actions within Bullhorn, saving agents time.

Note that only the first tag pushed during the call is the one that will be synced to Bullhorn as the action accepts only one value and not an array of values.

Also, the tags are case sensitive, so tags set up on Aircall must be identical to the ones in Bullhorn, to avoid having Aircall push a completely new action not recognized by Bullhorn. (For example, “Sourcing Call” is not the same as “sourcing call.”)

To double check that the tag syncing works correctly, you can go into the Notes, edit it and you will see a green check mark near the action (tag logged by Aircall) and a blue check mark in the dropdown menu (that you will find if you try to update the action value) if the Action is correct.


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