This is an overview of how you can use your Aircall with Help Scout. If you would like to learn how to configure your Help Scout integration, click here.

Help Scout Integration Basics

How are calls logged in Help Scout?

  • Target object: Calls are logged on the Contact level

  • Call object: Calls are logged as a Conversation which has the type “Phone.” The Status of the ticket is always Active regardless of whether the call was outbound, inbound, answered or unanswered


What is the Call Object in Help Scout?


  • Type of Object: Conversation

  • Created by: Agent making or taking the call

  • Note: Assigned to the conversation and containing all the call info

  • Status: Active

  • Tags: Synced with the Aircall Tags

Call information:

  • Type of Call (Outbound/Inbound/Voicemail), Aircall Number Name, Call Notes, Call Recording

Which number formats are accepted?

How is the Call assigned in Help Scout?

  • The call is assigned to the agent making or receiving the call if the call is answered If call is assigned to another agent within the Aircall phone app, the assignment will also be applied to the ticket level

Can I use Click to Dial with Help Scout?

  • Yes, it is possible directly within the contact widget on the right of every conversation.


What does the Insight Card look like?

  • With Aircall's Insight Cards, the caller's name appears within Aircall as soon as the phone rings, along with a link to customer page within Help Scout.


Reporting and Analytics in Help Scout

  • Reports in Help Scout allow businesses to track the volume of calls made and received, and the volume of overall tickets generated. This report can be filtered according the tags associated to the conversation by Aircall.

  • You can also track the performance of each agent in terms of the number of calls and the number of customers in a specific period of time.

  • These phone conversations also fall under the overall company conversations and tickets as we can see below.


Use Cases and Workflows

In Help Scout, workflows can be defined individually for every single Inbox, just by clicking on the little gear as shown below.


Here are some ways that you can use Help Scout with Aircall:

1. Reassign a conversation to a whole team

You may want to assign certain types of tickets to specific teams. This is something we can accomplish through Aircall tags.

Here is a quick example: Let's add a condition that we would like to trigger a workflow given a specific Tag posted on the call. In this case, “demo test tag.”


When this task is found, we can easily reassign the conversation to another team — in this case 'Test team' — in order to speed up the resolution time and the SLA.


2. Push information into custom fields

The first step is to go to the custom fields setting and make them not mandatory. In this case, you just need to disable the required field as seen below.


Once you have done this, you can use tags in order to fill the custom field..
Now, we check if a specific tag has been pushed (in this case 'demo test tag').


Once we have checked the condition, we can go into the action section and update the custom field however we like. It could be a string or a specific value according to the type of custom field we are updating. In this example, we have a text string so we are updating with 'Whatever you feel like.' And you are good to go!


3. Notify the customer via email in case of missed calls

Another interesting use case is notifying your customers when they are calling in but you are not able to pick up their calls. You can assure them that their request will be answered promptly by using an automatic email triggered by the subject of the conversations created by Aircall.

Here are the steps to set that up.

First, let's go to the workflows and let's check that the conversation has the right subject, either 'Missed call' or 'Voicemail.'


Then, we can send an email to the prospect to notify them that we will be with them shortly, by using the following action. An email that can be customized with the details stored in Help Scout, as you can see below.


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