The Aircall-Salesloft integration has a lot to offer, such as saving time on every call by getting rid of manual data entry. Here’s how to set up tags in Aircall to change the Person Stage cadence in Salesloft automatically after a call:

  • Login to your Aircall account

  • Go to the left menu of your Aircall account and click on Calls & Stats

  • Click on Call Settings from the drop down menu on the left menu bar

  • Click on + Add a tag at the top of the page to Create a new tag

  • Choose a color and then click on the label box to create a tag for each cadence stage. Manually enter the cadence stage name exactly as it appears in Salesloft (i.e. No Stage, Bounced, Do Not Contact, Completed, Replied, Interested, Discovery Call, Unqualified, Nurturing, Not Interested, etc.).

  • Then click Save

That’s it! Now, each time an agent uses one of these tags in Aircall (ex: “Completed”), the cadence Person Stage will be switched to "Completed" in Salesloft (see the example below).


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