Once you've configured your Salesforce integration, it's important to know and set up how your calls are logged in Salesforce.

Calls will be logged according to the Call Workflow and General Settings you've selected on your Aircall dashboard during the integration setup. You can go back and change these setting by simply logging into your Dashboard and clicking on Integrations.

Call Workflow

For each type of call: outbound answered call, outbound un-answered call, inbound answered call, missed call or voicemail), you can choose how you want the call to be logged (completed, in progress, or to not log the call).


Calls logged as Completed will be displayed under Past Activities in Salesforce:


Calls logged as In progress will be displayed under Next Steps:


General settings

The call log workflow varies according to 2 different cases:

  • If the number doesn't exist in Salesforce: you can choose to create a new contact / new lead / new account or nothing.
  • If the number exists in Salesforce: the call will be automatically logged in the object (contact/lead/account) associated with this number.

⚠️If you have multiple objects with the same number attached, the following order of priority will be respected:

  • Contact
  • Account
  • Lead

What information will be logged in Salesforce?

  • Contact information: The contact's first and last name, phone number and email address.
  • Call information: contact or lead, case (if available), direction (e.g. inbound), subject, date, call duration, waiting time (in the call description), recording (if enabled, in the call description, comments, tags, owner (Aircall user who made the call, if present in SF. Aircall user who created the integration otherwise, i.e. admin)

Where is the information logged in Salesforce?

In Salesforce Lightning, the call history data is logged in the Activity tab in your layout view. If you do not have the Activity tab, please follow these instructions in order to add it:

  • Log into your Salesforce account
  • Go to a Company account
  • Click on Setup and select Edit page
  • On the scroll down list to the left, click on Activities and drag and drop it on your Account view.

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