Below is a summary of what you can do with Copper integrated with Aircall.

Log your call activity in Copper:

  • Every call made in Aircall will be logged in the Copper Person timeline.
    If the Person belongs to a company, they will also be logged in the Company timeline

  • If the phone number of the customer isn’t matched in Copper, a new Person will automatically be created


See who’s calling and access Copper in one click:

  • With Aircall’s Insight Card, the customer information and link to their Copper profile will automatically be displayed on Aircall as soon as the phone rings, or while the agent is on the phone.

  • If the caller details do not appear within Aircall, check to make sure that the number is associated with a profile within Copper, and that the number format is supported by the integration.


Accepted number formats:

  • Currently for the Copper integration, Aircall supports only the E.164 international formatting. (You need to include the ‘+’ prefix and the country code in front of the number.)

Click to dial:

  • Use Aircall’s browser extensions to be able to immediately call a phone number in Copper by clicking on it.

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