The Aircall-Freshsales integration has a lot to offer by streamlining workflows and getting rid of manual data entry after a phone call. Thankfully, getting set up only takes a few minutes!

Before you start, make sure that you have admin rights in both Aircall and Freshsales.

To begin, login to your Aircall account.

  • From your Aircall Dashboard

  • Select Integrations on the left sidebar menu

  • Select Freshsales

  • Click on Install

Now you will be guided through four easy steps outlined below.

Step 1: Aircall Authentication

  • Click on Connect to Aircall. This will open a screen for you to add a required Authentication name. You will see a default name already provided for you. (While a name is required, it will not be visible anywhere so any name can be used here, either the suggested default or a name that you choose yourself.)

  • Click Add and a pop-up will appear

  • From the pop-up, click to Authorize this integration to access information about your calls in Aircall

  • Click on Next to continue to the next step

Step 2: Connect An Aircall Number

  • Select an Aircall number from the drop down to connect to Freshsales. (Please keep in mind that if you do not select a number it will not be linked.)


Step 3: Create a new activity type in Freshsales

  • Login to your Freshsales account

  • Go to your Freshsales Admin Settings page

  • Click on Sales Activities

  • Create a new custom sales activity named “Aircall”.

⚠️ IMPORTANT! The name of the custom sales activity must be “Aircall” for the integration to run smoothly. This is case-sensitive and space sensitive.

  • Once your new Custom Sales Activity appears in your Freshsales admin settings, return to the screen with your Aircall-Freshsales integration and click Next.

Step 4: Freshsales Authentication

  • Click on New Authentication

  • This will open a screen for you to enter 3 required fields. First, you will see a default authentication name already provided for you. (While a name is required, it will not be visible anywhere so any name can be used here -- either the suggested default or a name that you choose yourself)

  • Second, enter your Freshsales subdomain in the field. Your Freshsales subdomain is viewable in the URL when you login to your Freshsales account (e.g. https://{yoursubdomain} It is the text that appears ahead of the Freshsales domain as shown in the highlighted part of the url shown below.

  • Third, enter your Freshsales API key that allows you to integrate with Aircall. To find your API key, login to your Freshsales account and find the Settings page from your profile icon in the upper right corner (shown below).

  • From your Freshsales personal settings page, click on the API settings. Your API key will be available from this page to copy and paste it into the Aircall Freshsales integration field.

  • When finished, click Add Authentication. If the integration is successful, you will see a message that says “Freshsales connected.” Once you see this, click on Finish.

Great, your integration is active! You're all set and ready to get the most out of your Aircall-Freshsales integration.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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