The integration between Aircall and Re:amaze has a lot to offer when it comes to getting your support team up and running. The best part is that setting up the integration is a quick and easy process.

Follow these simple steps below to get started.

  • Log into your Re:amaze account

  • Go to Settings > Channels > Voice Channels

  • Click on Add Voice Channel

  • Choose a name for your channel, and select Aircall as the Voice Provider

  • Make sure that Log calls on start without waiting for recording is checked to ensure calls are logged as they come in and not after they are completed

Then, log in to your Aircall Dashboard and follow these steps:

  • Select Integration & API on the left sidebar menu

  • Click on the API Keys tab and select Generate an API key

  • Choose a name for your key

  • Copy and paste your API ID and API token into Re:amaze. API ID will go into the API Token ID section of Re:amaze, and API Token will go into the API Token Secret section of Re:amaze.

Return to your Re:amaze account to continue the integration installation.

  • Select the phone number and agents you would like to link to the channel

  • Click Next Step

You’re all set. Once you have completed these quick steps, your integration is active and ready to use! 🎉

Making calls from Re:amaze:

Making calls from Re:amaze is easy. You’ll need to set up the Click-to-Dial in Aircall which is quick and hassle-free. Just follow these steps and you will be able to click on a number in Re:amaze, and you’ll be able to start making calls in a flash.

Questions? No problem! Just contact the Re:amaze support team and they will be happy to help!

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