We've introduced the Aircall Now App that allows you to start a call with customers during a conversation in Intercom messenger. Here's a simple and quick guide on how to use this feature. (Please note that Aircall Now is only available in English at this time.)

How to set up Aircall now on Intercom

To install and use Aircall now on Intercom Messenger, first, verify that the conditions below are met:

⚠️You must have both Intercom and Aircall subscriptions.

⚠️You must be an Admin on both Intercom and Aircall.

⚠️You must use the same email address on both Intercom and Aircall.

⚠️ Both you and the customer must be using Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop computer.

If you don't have accounts yet, you can sign up for a trial here for Intercom and here for Aircall. Once that's confirmed, just follow the simple steps below to set up the Aircall Now App and get started.

  • Click on Install Now

  • Confirm installation by clicking on Connect


That's it! The Aircall Now App is now ready for use in your Intercom messenger conversations. 🎉

How to start a call on Aircall now:

  • While in a conversation with a client on Intercom messenger, click on Add an app

  • Select the Aircall Now App

  • Once the card is generated, click on Send

The customer will then instantly receive an invitation through your Intercom Messenger conversation to click on a button and start a call with you.

Ensuring Success of the Installation

Please check the following before initiating a call:

  • At the beginning of a call, the customer will have to give permission to their microphone when prompted to do so.

  • The customer's web page needs to be https and not http otherwise, the call will not launch.

  • Both the customer and agent should be mindful not to reload their web pages or navigate to another web page during a call to avoid call disruption.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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