Aircall adds call center capabilities to Zendesk, while centralizing all phone operations in one single-interface and uses data in Zendesk to give context to interactions.

This integration will enable you to boost your productivity with the following features:

  • Aircall automatically logs calls for every call made, missed, received and voicemail

  • For each type of call, pick what type of ticket should be created

  • Choose to log calls strictly during business Hours or even outside

  • The contact history will pop up on Zendesk when a call is received

  • When picking up the phone, a ticket is automatically created and opens on your screen. This ticket is automatically assigned to you. You can then take notes while talking with your client and not miss any information!

  • Decide whether to feed a caller’s existing ticket or create a new one

  • If you receive a call from a client who is not in your Zendesk contact base, a ticket with their phone number will be created

  • Call transfers, comments, tags, and recordings automatically sync from Aircall & appear on Zendesk

    ⚠️ Please note: in order to maintain consistency and reliability in call logging, voicemail links will take approximately 3 minutes to log in Zendesk.

  • You can create ticket assignment rules to pre-existing Zendesk users or groups

  • The Aircall CTI is embedded within your Zendesk interface

Now that you know exactly what our Zendesk integration has to offer, check out how to configure your Zendesk integration on Aircall.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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