Intercom helps you build better customer relationships with scalable messaging that provides a more personal experience for you and your customers. Offering products for sales, marketing & support to connect with customers and grow faster. Thankfully, setting up your Intercom and Aircall Integration is a breeze!

To begin, please ensure that you have admin rights in both Aircall and Intercom and that all of your Aircall users are registered with the same email address for both accounts.

  • Log in to your Dashboard

  • Select Integrations & API in the left sidebar menu

  • Select the Discover integrations tab

  • Select Intercom and click on Install integration

Connect A Number:

  • Select all numbers or specific numbers that you would like to have linked to the Intercom integration.

You'll then be redirected to the Intercom login page. Please enter your credentials and log in to your Intercom account to complete the integration.

Finally, you will need to authorize access between Aircall and Intercom. Please click on Authorize Access:


Once you have completed these steps, your integration is now active!


Define your call settings and rules:

Navigate back to the Aircall Admin Dashboard and scroll down to the General Settings section. Here you will be able to:

  • Add or remove the Aircall numbers you want linked to your Intercom integration. Please keep in mind that a number must be linked or it will not work.

  • Choose when tickets are created for each type of call.


Defining assignment rules in Intercom:

The last step is to define your assignment rules for missed calls in Intercom. (Please keep in mind you should have an inbox seat to access this part of the integrations and a Pro Plan).

  • In Intercom go to the Inbox, then Automation then Assignment Rules

  • Select IF message content contains Missed call on [Your Aircall Number], THEN Assign to (select a teammate)


Note on Call Logging to Existing Users:

When multiple Users within Intercom have the same phone number, call logging will be prevented for any calls to or from that number. To ensure all calls are appropriately logged, please ensure each phone number you will be making/receiving calls to/from is saved to only one User.

Making Calls from Intercom using Aircall's Click-to-Dial:

You can easily set up a click-to-dial via Aircall's browser extensions to initiate a call in your Aircall app by simply clicking on a number. Looking to use Aircall Now? Check out our guide here.

⚠️ Please note: in order to maintain consistency and reliability in call logging, voicemail links will take approximately 3 minutes to log in Intercom.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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