In order to start using the Aircall CTI in Classic experience, you must follow the steps below. We've broken it down into four major parts below:

1. Import the Aircall CTI to your Salesforce account

2. Add users to your Call Center

3. Enable your Salesforce app to display the Aircall CTI

4. Create a Customized Salesforce Console (if not yet created)

1. Import the Aircall CTI to your Salesforce account:

  • Start by logging into your Salesforce account here

  • Click on this link to install the Aircall CTI to your Salesforce org for Production

  • Click on Install for all users, Install and select Done.

2. Add users to the recently installed Call Center (Aircall CTI):

  • Go to Setup and search for Call Center in the quick find bar

  • Click on Call Centers and select Aircall CTI for Salesforce

  • Click on Manage Call Center Users

  • Search for your users by typing their name and click on Find

  • Pick the users who should have access to the Aircall CTI within Salesforce

  • Click Add to Call Center

3. Enable your Aircall CTI via the Softphone Layouts:

  • Search for Call Center in the quick find bar

  • Click on Call Centers and select Softphone Layouts

  • Click on New, pick a Name and click on Default Layout

  • Then, select Save.


4. Create your Customized Salesforce Console:

  • Go to Setup and Setup home

  • Under Build, select Create, then select Apps

  • Click on New, select Console and click Next

  • Select the label, name, and description (optional) for your console then click Next

  • Choose an image for your app (optional) then click Next

  • Select the items you wish to display on your console (Contacts, Accounts, Leads, etc.) and click Next

  • Choose how records should display and click Next

  • Tick all boxes under Visible then click Next.

That's all! 🎉

Once you access your Customized Salesforce Console, you will see your newly imported Aircall CTI on the bottom right of your page.

⚠️ Please note:

In order to use your Aircall CTI in Salesforce Classic, you will need to make use of a custom Console. If you cannot see the Console column as shown in the picture below, please contact your Salesforce account manager to ask for the Sales Console to be enabled for your Salesforce org.

If you are using a standard app view, an Aircall banner will be visible on the left of the screen which directs users to download the desktop application. This banner is currently unable to be removed from the standard app view for any users assigned to the Call Center (Step 2), but will not be visible to users not assigned, or users who are in the custom Console view.

Call Notes and Tags

In order to ensure all notes and tags are appropriately saved in the call logs, please make sure to click on the X in the end of call screen after each call. Should the page be refreshed, or the CTI closed, before clicking this X, notes and tags may not save.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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