Now that you're more familiar with what the Front integration has to offer, follow the simple steps below to configure the integration.

Before you start, make sure that you have admin rights in both Aircall and Front, and that you are using the same email address for both accounts.

Now you will be guided through a few easy steps outlined below.

Step 1: Add A Team Inbox

You have to create a custom team inbox in order to integrate Front with Aircall.

  • Log into your Front Dashboard

  • Click on the Inboxes tab

  • Select Add a Team Inbox

  • Choose Custom type to create a custom channel and click on Next

  • Name your custom inbox (we recommend something like "Aircall"), and click Next

  • View and modify the details for Channel Contact Type if needed

  • Choose which teammates can access your new team inbox and click on Create inbox

  • Scroll down the overview menu and select API Endpoints

Step 2: Copy Your API Endpoints

  • Click API Endpoints, and hover over the first Incoming field to click Copy. Be sure to copy the first url in the list in order for messages to correctly sync from Aircall to Front.


In order to log incoming calls into this new inbox, you just have to paste this URL in the Integrations section of your Aircall Dashboard.

Step 3: Integrate Front with Aircall

  • Log in to your Aircall Dashboard.

  • From your Aircall Dashboard, select Integrations on the left sidebar menu.

  • Click on Add an integration, then select Front.

  • Click on Install.

  • Paste the first incoming API endpoints you got from your Front inbox setting in the URL field.

  • Click Authorize to connect Aircall to Front.

Now click here to install the Aircall CTI within Front!

If you need further assistance you can always contact our Support Team, we will be more than happy to help!

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