Aircall REST API

Technically, API stands for Application Programming Interface and it is simply a particular set of rules and clearly defined methods that software programs can follow to communicate with each other.

The Aircall API will allow you to connect other applications (your customer database, internal CRM, software, and tools) with your Aircall application. With simple scripts, you can build your own analytics by retrieving call information, link your user provisioning software to the Aircall database, or manage your Aircall contacts list.

There are three different ways of using our Public API :

  • synchronizing your own data with your Aircall account

  • customizing your call workflows

  • integrating your solution and becoming an Aircall partner

You'll find here further information on how you can start using our Public API to your advantage.


Webhooks allow an application to provide and send real-time information to other applications. Aircall Webhooks are designed to notify your system each time an event occurs in your Aircall app. They will allow you to push Aircall events to third-parties, whether it is in your in-house system or in a software that’s not yet integrated with Aircall.

📚 You will find further information on how you can start using webhooks to your advantage here.

How to use Aircall API and webhooks

Now that you know how powerful these tools are, we have compiled a few resources to help you get started.

With Aircall Public API, Authentication can be done through OAuth or Basic Auth.

If you want to build an App for companies using Aircall - this is mainly the case for Technology Partners - please use the OAuth flow. It is a requirement to be listed on the Aircall App Marketplace. You can create a partner-specific account by signing up here!

If you are an Aircall customer, building for your own Aircall account only, the Basic Auth flow will do the trick.

Find out with our easy-to-follow tutorials how simple it can be to populate custom contact information on a call, direct your customers' calls to the right agent, and more.

Get inspired by some of our customers' journeys as they walk you through how these tools have helped their businesses.

📚 For more information, you can visit our developer-oriented page.

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