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Analytics+ Overview

With Analytics+, Aircall offers the ability to manage your team’s performance from a bird's eye view. This Dashboard provides the ability to zoom in on your call activity through several interactive graphs and data exports via .CSV file.

Geared towards teams that need to dig deep into readily available data, you'll be able to hone in on the most used tags, the top users making, receiving, and missing calls, and make use of new advanced filters that allow you to break down your data by user, team and line activity.

What is not available in Analytics+?

Analytics+ is unfortunately not customizable at this time. We worked with a partner to build the available graphs and tables so that you can drill down into specific types of data. We’ve performed a field study of the most requested and consulted data and built what we feel is the most helpful for our customers.

This new feature is also not to be confused with the Aircall’s Live Feed - which allows you to see real-time analytics and monitoring of your agents and lines with an automatic auto-refresh. The Analytics+ package auto-refreshes every two hours.

How Can I Get Access?

If you’re already a customer and interested in exploring Analytics+ please contact your Customer Success Manager to see if you qualify. If you’re new to Aircall and currently in a trial, simply reach out to your Sales Manager to see how you can qualify.

How does Analytics+ differ from Advanced Analytics?

As with Analytics+, the Aircall Advanced Analytics feature provides an outlook on your team's performance. However, the biggest difference notably in Analytics+ is the ability to have precise data-driven snapshots available at hand. Whilst in Advanced Analytics, the ability to retrieve the data will have to be manually performed by an Administrator once exported via .CSV file.

Accessibility is the second difference between the two; Advanced Analytics is only available through the Professional Plan, while Analytics+ is offered at an ad-hoc level.

So what’s the difference between Calls & Stats, Advanced Analytics, and Analytics+?

Calls & Stats is the most basic and essential reporting feature.

But to better sum it up, here’s a quick overview of the three to help you understand the difference between them:

Now let’s take a closer look at how Analytics+ can help your team be successful in Aircall.


At the forefront of the Analytics+ homepage, you’ll see a filter drop-down which will allow you to filter by:

  • Date

  • Date Breakdown (hourly, daily, monthly, custom,) *time aggregation in 24- hour time

  • Inbound SLA (seconds)

  • Business Hours (set by default from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. in your timezone)

  • Users

  • Teams

  • Lines

  • Tags

  • Missed Reasons

*Please note that these pre-set filters are not customizable.

You’ll be able to change the display view of the information in your local timezone, download as a PDF, or download as a .CSV. You can do so by navigating to the upper right-hand corner of the filter section. Then, click run to populate the graphs below with the aggregated data.

Once you’ve applied the filters for the data you’re looking for, then the four tiles will change to correspond and match the time frame selected.

Drill Down Details

In Analytics+, you can utilize the drill-down feature which will provide you with precise details on your Aircall activity. Utilizing the drill-down feature will allow you to understand your metrics and empower you to utilize your resources to their fullest potential. Here are the available drill-down details:


The five tiles represent the headlines of your Call Activity and consist of:

  • Inbound Calls

  • Outbound Calls

  • Total Calls (missed, inbound and outbound)

  • Missed Inbound Calls

  • Inbound in SLA

Feel free to hover over the question marks to get details about each tile in case something isn’t clear.

Pro-tip: When applying filters to the tiles, please consider your phone number's business hours. Within the filters, the business hours will automatically be set to 9a.m. to 6 p.m. However, if you have phone lines in different timezones and set to different opening and closing hours. Please set the filter as in between o and 23.

Within the Trends section, you’ll be able to see an overview of your Call Evolution for the selected date period as well as the most used tags.

Call Evolution

It is an interactive linear graph showing the distribution of missed, inbound, and outbound calls throughout the specified time period applied in the filter. Click on the peaks to open up a new window within the dashboard that shows a detailed breakdown of the data, also available to download by .CSV.

Most Used Tags

The most used tags is an interactive bar graph that shows the most used tags by your agents. The first bar will always show the amount of calls that were not tagged for the selected period of time. Here, you can also click on the bar to display all tagged calls or download a .CSV file.

*If you remove a tag from a previously tagged call, it will appear in untagged calls.

Calls Overview

This section of Analytics+ will show variations of bar graphs that detail the top missed reason, called back calls, and most active users. Don’t forget that each of these graphs are interactive!

Missed Reasons

The missed reasons bar chart shows the total number of missed calls grouped by reason. Each column is divided into called by and not called back to provide a snapshot of the calls that were missed and called back by a user. A missed call is considered called back when a user calls back within the same day and when the missed call is called back directly from the missed call detail in the To-Do Section of the phone application. This information is calculated based on a call not being called back within 24 hours.

Call Type- Week Day

This a day-by-day breakdown of inbound, outbound, and missed calls.

Inbound = green

Outbound = Blue

Missed = orange

If you need a refresher on the missed call reasons, feel free to find them here.

Top Users Missing Calls

These are the top users missing calls for the selected date period. Please note that if you have a user assigned to a team with a simultaneous or random distribution rule, the users in that team will also be counted in this category.

If you’d like to view more than the top ten users here, you sort more through the Monitoring “users table”.

Missed vs. Answered- Hour of Day

In this graph, you will be able to see a breakdown of missed vs. answered calls throughout the specific hour of your working day.

Answered = green

Missed = orange

Be sure to check your ringing rule when utilizing the Team feature in the Call Distribution of your phone number. If you are using the “random ring rule” this metric will not take into consideration everyone in the distribution, only those who received a call ping.

Top Users Answering Calls

Here you’ll be able to see the breakdown of your top users answering calls for the selected date period.

Top Users Making Calls

In this graph, you’ll see the breakdown of your top users proactively making outbound calls for the selected period.

*Please note that the Top Users Missing Calls, Answering Calls, and Making Calls sections will always show data for all numbers in your company, regardless of the filters applied.

Some drill-downs are not available, if you see the message “drill down not available”, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager to see if a drill-down is possible.

Learn more about the new Monitoring section here.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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