China has strict telecommunication restrictions in place surrounding the use of VoIP, which can lead to reachability issues. This is a universal approach and not exclusive to Aircall and our carriers.

While we can offer our users Chinese numbers, it is best to take note of some important points before you decide to proceed with the purchase request:

  • Chinese numbers can only be used for inbound calls. They are not able to be used for outbound calling purposes.

  • Chinese numbers can only be called from an international, non-Chinese number. Any inbound calls with a Chinese caller ID will fail.

  • Strict spam monitoring and general restrictions on VoIP in China means that numbers involved in any calls under three minutes have a high probability of being blocked. Try to ensure an average duration of three minutes or more.

  • No unsolicited marketing calls.

  • If you have a high-volume of unanswered outbound calls, your calls will be blocked.

  • Do not make calls from modified, spoofed, or restricted origination numbers.

  • Avoid high volumes of repeated calls from the same origin number within one hour.

  • Do not use a toll-free number as they will be blocked.

If you still wish to continue with the process of using Chinese numbers with Aircall, you will have to reach out directly to our team at

They will be more than happy to let you know the address requirements for obtaining a Chinese number, and also getting it set up on your dashboard.

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