When porting your number from your previous provider to Aircall, you may have to troubleshoot a rejection notice.

Preparing your Porting Request

Before you submit your request to Aircall, it’s best practice to reach out to your current carrier to have a discussion with them to make sure that all of the information is correct, that the correct contact that will fill in and sign the LOA is authorized, and that your numbers are still active.

If your current carrier is another VoIP provider, you will need to ask them who their underlying carrier is. This information is required in order to initiate a porting request.

Why do Rejections Occur?

Porting rejections can occur when there is key missing information required by your losing carrier in order to release the number to our carrier. The best way to avoid any porting rejections is to contact your current carrier prior to filling in the LOA form and confirm all of the information required on the letter of authorization is correct.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common rejections, what they mean, and how you can avoid them.

Rejection Status


How to Avoid or Resolve

Data/Name/Address Mismatch

The information submitted on the letter of authorization (LOA) differs from what is on file with your current carrier.

Reach out directly to your carrier prior to filling in the LOA form to ensure that all data matches what is on file with your current carrier. If there is incorrect or mismatching information, then the porting will be rejected.

Legally, as you are the number owner, you will have to confirm these details with your carrier directly for security purposes.

Number is inactive

The phone number is not in service with the current carrier.

In order to port your number from provider to provider, your number must remain active. If you have canceled your service or number prior to submitting your porting request with Aircall, your port will be rejected by your current carrier.

Unauthorized Signature

The person who opened the account or is able to authorize changes on the account differs from the person who has filled in and signed the LOA form.

Contact your carrier to confirm who the authorized contact is prior to filling in and signing the LOA form.

Incomplete Number Range

The numbers you requested to port are a part of a number range. In order to port the number(s), you would like to port, the full range must be ported along with it or it must be released from the range.

Contact your carrier before filling in the LOA form to ensure that the numbers you would like to port are not a part of a range. If they are, please ask your carrier to release them from the range for an individual port. Otherwise, you will need to resubmit a new request with the full range.

Incorrect Account Number/Pin Number

The account number or pin number submitted on the LOA form is incorrect.

Contact your current carrier before filling in the LOA form to ensure that all of the data is correct.

If you have done this and submitted a port and received a rejection, you will need to contact your carrier back to re-verify the correct account/pin number.

Please also keep in mind that if you are porting numbers where there are legal address and identification requirements, you will need to provide these documents along with your number porting to ensure number compliance with the national telecommunications entity in each country. Without this information, we will be unable to activate your number with our carrier.

If you should have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the porting team, they’ll be more than happy to assist you through the porting process.

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