Navigating the Aircall Phone application is just as easy as on the Aircall Desktop phone.

At the bottom of the Phone, you'll see the navigation bar where you can switch between five different sections; To-Do, History, Keypad, People, and Account Settings.


The Keypad is where you can make outbound calls.

If you are assigned to multiple numbers, you can navigate below the keypad to toggle between the number you would like to make a call from.

In-Call View

Once you've dialed a number in the Keypad section, you'll move to the ringing view. Once the call has been answered, the In-Call view will change (see below) to include further options such as transfer, mute, hold, speaker, and keypad.

You can also select Keypad if you need to dial an extension number or if you need to join a conference with a pin code.

Transferring Calls

Just as you are able to do so on the Desktop phone, you can transfer your calls directly to another teammate. Simply scroll through your contacts in the People section or use the search bar to locate the right person you'd like to transfer a call to.

Pause-Resume Recording

If pause-resume recording has been activated on your phone number from the Dashboard, you can conveniently utilize this feature to balance call recording and personal privacy.

Start recording calls at any point with the ability to pause and resume so you can keep your callers’ sensitive information secure by temporarily pausing call recording as needed.


From this section, you have the ability to configure and manage different features of the Phone. Select your User icon in the lower right-hand corner of the application to tap into Settings.


In the top section, you will find three options for managing your Availability:

  • Available: Ready to receive calls.

  • Auto: Receive calls only during scheduled hours

  • Unavailable: Do not receive any calls at this time

Choose the option that best fits your current working preference.


Click on your User name to access Account settings. View your credentials and account information, including your name, company, email address, and password. You can also view your associated teams, numbers, and personal extension number.

In this section, you will be able to Log out of the application.

Help & Support

Navigate here to report an issue. You can also find access to our knowledge base.


View your call history on any number. See both outbound and inbound calls as well as voicemails.

Call Details view

When you look at a call in the History section, you can tap on the call to see a host of actions to help organize and take action on your calls.

Contact information

View the caller’s name and company if they are a saved contact, or view the unregistered number.

Call Information

See what type of call was made; outgoing call, incoming, or missed call, as well as what line the call was made to or dialed from.


Review call recordings to understand the full story with clear, complete audio recordings. You will see a media player within the call details that allows you to listen and share the recordings with on-demand playback.

Assigning Calls, Adding Tags and Notes

Assign a call to one of your teammates or to a specific team in order for them to get back to the caller. You can assign a detailed follow-up task to the most qualified team member.

Add Tags

You can tag a call in order to add custom labels which let you decide the smartest way to organize your calls. Tagged calls to give your team the context they need for smart decisions and smooth follow-ups.

Add notes

Keep helpful information circulating on your calls by adding notes in order to better qualify calls and provide context as they travel across your team. Aircall automatically syncs the notes and comments you make during calls to your CRM or Helpdesk — keeping that info accessible to the whole team.

Archive All Calls

For bulk archiving, go to the To-do List and select Edit in the upper right-hand corner.

Next, choose the Select All and Archive buttons in the menu that appears at the bottom of the application.

Copy Call ID

Click on Copy Call-ID when you need to locate specific information about your call data. This is helpful if you need to review call recordings or troubleshoot an issue and send it to Aircall Support.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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