Once your integration has been successfully installed, it will be time to configure your settings in the dashboard. You will be redirected to these settings after installing and can return at any point by clicking on the Integration tab in your Aircall Dashboard and selecting your HubSpot integration.

Integration Status and Connected numbers

You are able to Activate/Deactivate your Integration at any time. When the integration is Inactive, call logging and other functionality will be paused, but the integration will remain installed. Making your integration Inactive is a great way to temporarily pause the integration without having to uninstall and reinstall it, but please note any calls not logged during the time it is inactive will not retroactively log after it has been reactivated. Additionally, you are able to add or remove the numbers connected to the integration. Any numbers connected will log calls based on your other settings, and any numbers not connected will not.

Call Outcome

For each call, we allow a call activity/engagement to be created, and allow you to choose the Call Outcome for that activity:

The possible outcomes are as follows:

  • Outbound answered call : Connected or None
    Please note that outbound calls which connect to automated messages or voicemails will also be counted as “Answered.”

  • Outbound unanswered call: No answer or None
    Please note that outbound calls are considered unanswered when the user hangs up without being connected to the contact, automated message, or voicemail of the number being called.

  • Outbound call to a contact already in a call: Busy or No answer or None

  • Outbound call to a wrong number : Wrong number or No answer or None
    Please note a number is considered “wrong” when it is identified as being invalid or does not exist.

  • Inbound answered call: Connected or None

  • Missed incoming call without voicemail : No answer or None

  • Missed incoming call with voicemail : No answer or None or Left voicemail

⚠️ Please note that custom Outcomes are not supported by the Aircall-HubSpot integration. As an alternative, please feel free to make use of Aircall Tags to notate the outcome of your calls. For more information on reporting with Aircall Tags, please visit our article here.

Ticket Creation

For each call or SMS, we allow for a ticket to be created, which you can manage from this section.

First you will want to select the HubSpot ticket pipeline you would like calls and SMS to be logged in. Once a pipeline is selected you will be able to choose if you want tickets to be created and, if so, what custom stage of the selected pipeline you want the ticket created in for the following call types:

  • Outbound answered call

  • Outbound un-answered call

  • Inbound answered call

  • Missed call without voicemail

  • Missed call with left voicemail

  • Outbound SMS

  • Inbound SMS

In the case that a ticket pipeline or stage being used in these settings is deleted from your HubSpot, a warning banner will be displayed to notify you of necessary configuration changes. Any call types using that pipeline or status will be automatically set to not create a ticket.

General Settings

Finally you will want to select your general settings:

  • You are able to select if you want call or SMS activity to create logs in HubSpot only during each number’s business hours, or for any call (even out of business hours).

  • You are able to select if you want numbers/contacts you are calling with Aircall that are not already saved in HubSpot to create a new contact.

⚠️ For more information on how turning off contact creation affects call and ticket logging, please visit How Does the HubSpot Integration Work?

  • You are able to select if you want numbers/contacts you are calling that are saved in HubSpot to create a contact directly in Aircall and keep that synchronized contact up to date.

  • You are able to select who the Owner of a call activity or new Contact will be should no Owner be found (this can be set to 'Nobody' or any of the HubSpot users on your account).

  • You are able to customize your integration name to make it easier to identify from any other integrations.


If you wish to uninstall your HubSpot integration you can:

  • Toggle it off by selecting 'Inactive' on the settings page. This option is best for Users who would like to save their settings so that the integration can be re-activated at a later time. For more information on deactivating integrations, please visit this page.

  • Delete the integration entirely. This can be done by clicking 'Delete this integration' on the bottom left of the General section.

    After deleting or deactivating your integration, all of your Aircall activity will remain in HubSpot. If you decide to delete your Aircall account, all of your Aircall activity will still remain in HubSpot, but you will no longer have access to the call recordings.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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