As Aircall is a telephony service relying on the internet to establish the connection to the telephone network, it's important to remember that in these times of increased work from home scenarios, networks can become saturated which can cause lags and overall poor quality.

If you are working from home and experience lagging, freezing, or any other quality issues you can take a few immediate steps to troubleshoot.

  • Unplug the power cord to your router and the modem (if it's a separate device). Wait two minutes, then reconnect the power.

  • Reduce the number of smart devices when working. Especially any online gaming and video streaming websites or platforms. This extra network traffic will cause slowness.

  • If you are near your router, consider plugging your laptop into the router with a Cat 6 Ethernet cable. This direct connection will provide the highest speed based on your router and your Internet Service Provider limits.

  • If your laptop does not have an Ethernet port, you will need to purchase an Ethernet adapter for your laptop to make a direct connection to your router.

  • If your Internet Service Provider issued your network equipment and it is more than three years old, please reach out to your provider to inquire about getting updated equipment.

  • If your router is provided by your Internet Service Provider, consider upgrading to a newer, more powerful one, especially if you have multiple devices competing for bandwidth. Note that older devices may not be able to use the newer and faster Wi-Fi and in those cases, you should purchase a dual-band router.

If you have more questions or need more help with your work from home setup, open a ticket with our support team and we'll be happy to assist.

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