In HubSpot you will be able to set up workflows to automate certain post-call actions. To accommodate this, the Aircall integration makes use of four custom contact properties which are updated on every call, allowing you to enroll and/or re-enroll your workflows each time a call is made, and make the most of your Aircall integration!

The four custom properties for your contacts are:

“Last Aircall call timestamp” - Will be updated each call to reflect the time that call started.

“Last Aircall call outcome” - Will be updated each call to reflect the call outcome of that call, including being empty if the outcome is set to be “None.”

“Last used Aircall phone number” - Will be updated each call to reflect the Aircall number that call was made/received on (in the E164 format).

“Last used Aircall tags” - Will be updated for each call in Aircall, reflecting the Aircall tags left on the call. Should a call not be tagged, this property will be updated to be blank.

By updating each of these properties on each call, you are easily able to enroll and/or re-enroll workflows in HubSpot.

Limitation with Custom Properties:

Please note, you may be limited to a maximum number of custom properties in HubSpot. In the case that we are unable to create one or more of the custom fields due to this limitation, an error message will be displayed.

In these cases we would recommend manually removing existing properties, then adding our custom properties manually in HubSpot, to ensure you are able to enroll workflows on each call. To add these properties, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to Settings (⚙️) -> Properties -> Create Property.

  • Enter the name exactly as follows in the Label section for each property:

Last Aircall call timestamp

Last Aircall call outcome

Last used Aircall phone number

Last used Aircall tags

  • The Group can be set to whatever you prefer, although it is recommended you create an “Aircall properties” group to easily differentiate these properties from your other properties.

  • The description is optional.

  • Click Next.

  • On the next page you will select your Field type:

  • The Field types will be as follows:

“Last Aircall call timestamp” - Date picker

“Last Aircall call outcome” - Radio select

“Last used Aircall phone number” - Single-line text

“Last used Aircall tags” - Multi-line text

  • For the Timestamp, Phone number, and Tags properties you will now be able to click Create! For the Outcome property, you will need to add in the possible outcomes:

  • The Label and Internal Values will be as follows:

Busy - 9d9162e7-6cf3-4944-bf63-4dff82258764

Connected - f240bbac-87c9-4f6e-bf70-924b57d47db7

Left voicemail - b2cf5968-551e-4856-9783-52b3da59a7d0

No answer - 73a0d17f-1163-4015-bdd5-ec830791da20

Wrong number - 17b47fee-58de-441e-a44c-c6300d46f273

Now that you have your custom properties set up, you are ready to start making workflows!


In order to set up workflows in HubSpot, you will first want to select the Automation tab and click Workflows:

You will then click Create Workflow, then Next, which will take you to the setup page:

From here, you can click on Set enrollment triggers, then in the Filter Type select Contact properties, where you will then be able to search for “Aircall”:

As seen in the image above, you will be able to then select any of the four custom contact properties the Aircall integration updates.

Once you have selected the property you would like to enroll the workflow with, you will be able to choose if you wish for the workflow to be re-enrolled upon updates to that property:

Should you wish the workflow you have set up to be triggered each time a call meets the criteria you have set, please make sure to allow re-enrollment.

Once your Enrollment triggers are appropriately set, you can click on save then begin making adjustments to what you want the outcome of the workflow to be:

Curious what kind of Workflows you can set up? Please view the examples below:

Last Aircall call timestamp -

In this example, each call that was made on 11/17/2020 will trigger a workflow to create a task titled “Aircall Call Timestamp Test” which will be assigned to the Owner of the Contact.

Last Aircall call outcome -

In this example, each call with the Call Outcome “Connected” will trigger a workflow to create a task titled “Aircall Call Outcome Test” which will be assigned to the Owner of the Contact.

Last used Aircall phone number -

In this example, each call made or received on the Aircall number “+18882406923” will trigger a workflow to create a task titled “Aircall Phone Number Test” which will be assigned to the Owner of the Contact.

Last used Aircall tags -

In this example, each call which was tagged as “Support_Test_Call” will trigger a workflow. Please note that in this example, the outcome of the workflow is delayed by 1 hour, and is also further determined by the call outcome of the call. This is just one example of how you can further customize your workflows!


Please note there are a few limitations within HubSpot in regard to what you are able to trigger re-enrollments on. For a full breakdown of those limitations, please visit this page.

Please also note that while HubSpot visually shows a drop down menu for all custom properties, not all will have selections and you will instead need to type in the value. For example, when enrolling on “Last used Aircall tags,” you will need to manually type in the tag name rather than selecting it from a list:

Want to learn more about HubSpot Workflows? Please visit HubSpot's Knowledge Base.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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