When using Aircall with Salesforce, it is important to note that Salesforce has a built in Click to Dial functionality in addition to Aircall's Browser Extensions.

This means that Click to Dial will need to be done via Salesforce for any Object (Contact, Account, Lead, etc) pages, and done via Aircall's Chrome Extension for any lists of Objects (i.e. Contact, Account, or Lead lists).

Salesforce Click to Dial:

In the direct Object pages, such as the Contact page, you will see that the Phone number is hyperlinked, and clicking on it will open the number directly in your Aircall CTI. This is the best way to use Click to Dial within Salesforce on these pages.

For information on setting up your Aircall CTI in Salesforce, please visit this page for Lightning and this page for Classic.

Aircall Click to Dial:

In list views, such as Contact lists, you will be able to use the Aircall Browser Extensions to use Click to Dial, or to add numbers to the Power Dialer.

Troubleshooting Salesforce Click to Dial:

In some cases, you may see that an Object in Salesforce does not have a hyperlinked/clickable phone number and that the Aircall Chrome extension is not highlighting the number. In these cases, it is best to ensure that the Object has been appropriately added into your Softphone Layout to enable Salesforce's Click to Dial. To do so, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Setup in Salesforce

  • Search for Call Center

  • Click on Softphone Layouts

  • Find your Aircall Softphone Layout and click Edit

  • Click the dropdown under Display these salesforce.com objects

  • Add any Objects you would like Click to Dial to be available for

⚠️ Please note that while Aircall Click to Dial is available in Salesforce Reports, numbers will not show in your extension's Numbers Panel, and will be unable to be added to the Power Dialer.

⚠️ Please note that if Aircall's Click to Dial functionality is not working, you may need to change your extension settings to identify locally formatted numbers from different countries. More information can be found here.

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