Within Aircall, and many VoIP providers, the ability to dial short numbers or emergency service numbers are limited.

Emergency services are usually only supported via local geographic numbers. For this to work, end-users typically provide documentation proof of their location so the routing of the calls can be set-up correctly.

Specifically, within Aircall itself, as Aircall is not a dial-tone provider, the ability to reach any emergency calls to any type of hospital, law enforcement agency, medical care unit, or emergency service will not be possible and should be performed from a local service provider.

VoIP endpoints are identified by your IP address which does not offer a geolocalization feature, whereas phone numbers are geolocalized so that emergency operators can obtain an address (in the event of an emergency and a silent call).

Short Numbers

“Short Numbers” or numbers that have short digit sequences (5-6 digits) and are significantly shorter than telephone numbers are not available within Aircall due to limitations. Examples include dialing the La Poste in France 3631 or any marketing or promotional number.

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