The new HubSpot integration will be migrated to all customers by December 18, 2020.

Aircall recently released a new and improved version of our HubSpot integration. We have enhanced our Aircall-HubSpot integration by introducing logic and performance improvements, as well as new features.

Here are the main changes users can look for.


  • Improved phone number search logic for call logging

  • Tag logging on HubSpot call activity

  • New custom properties to trigger HubSpot workflows

  • Additional information in insight cards

NEW Integration with Service Hub

  • Automatic ticket creation

  • Call logging on tickets

Improved phone number search logic for call logging

Previous behavior: Calls that didn’t match on the main phone number field on Contacts created duplicate contacts in HubSpot.

Aircall now supports call logging on matching Mobile phone number fields on Contact records in HubSpot. If there is no matching phone number on the main Phone number field, Aircall will search Mobile phone number fields for a match, and log the call on the matching Contact record.

When no existing Contact has a matching Phone number or Mobile phone number, Aircall will search for a matching phone number in the Company records, and log the call on the matching Company record if found.

Tag logging on HubSpot call activity

Previous behavior: Aircall call tags were not logged into HubSpot.

Aircall tags are now logged into call activity in HubSpot, fully integrating your Aircall workflow with your HubSpot records.

New custom properties to trigger HubSpot workflows

Previous behavior: HubSpot automated workflows were triggered by call activity only when contacts were created, and were not re-enrolled when new calls were logged on the same contact.

Aircall offers several new custom Contact properties that can trigger re-enrollment into HubSpot workflows:

  • Last Aircall call outcome

  • Last used Aircall phone number

  • Last used Aircall tags

  • Last Aircall call timestamp

Learn more about HubSpot Workflows/Custom Properties.

Additional information in Insight Cards

Previous behavior: When a call occurred, a limited amount of information was displayed on the Aircall Phone.

Additional information is now available on Insight Cards in the Aircall phone.

  • 'Last contacted' on Contact Insight Card

  • 'Pipeline' on Deal Insight Card

  • *NEW* Ticket Insight Card will display the Ticket Name, Stage, Pipeline and Owner Name once the call begins

Automatic Ticket creation

Previous behavior: Aircall did not automatically create tickets in HubSpot after calls.

Aircall can now automatically create a ticket during a call with a customer, depending on the call type. Aircall admins choose in which pipeline to create tickets and the specific ticket status for each call type.

Call logging on Tickets

Previous behavior: Calls were not logged on tickets.

When a new ticket is automatically created during a call, the call is logged on the ticket with the following information:

  • Date/time stamp

  • Support agent

  • Call type

  • Call outcome

Learn more about the new HubSpot integration in the following Help Center articles:

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