Within the Aircall Phone, an enhanced notification will appear (in yellow in the upper left-hand corner) during any calls experiencing high latency, packet loss, or jitter.

Notifications will be made visible to the Aircall user currently in a call that is experiencing call quality inconsistencies. After the notification has appeared, clicking on the tooltip will present a small description of the experienced issue. From there, you are able to click back to the in-call screen as needed.

If call issues are resolved while still on the call, the notification will change from yellow to green and its status may update to either “resolved” or “no issues”. The notification will then disappear from the screen.

After the call has ended, the user will be able to click on the ‘Learn More’ button, which will redirect them to a dedicated screen containing more details about the specific quality issues that occurred. Within this screen, you’ll also be able to find direct access links to helpful articles that provide you with comprehensive information regarding these issues and how you might resolve them yourself.

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