Please note: This feature is in beta and available only in the US, UK, Canada, & Australia.

Aircall’s native SMS feature offers one-to-one messaging to better engage customers and communicate efficiently.

Please note that SMS is only available on accounts created after September 15, 2020, and numbers may need to be replaced or ported internally in order for us to provide access to the messaging feature. In these cases, the recommended, and fastest, option is to replace your numbers, but if necessary, existing numbers can be ported, with an extended lead time on them being enabled. SMS is only available for Classic numbers; IVR numbers will not be eligible for messaging.

Navigating the App

After you sign in to the app, you can navigate to the dialer where you’ll see a blue messaging icon on the bottom left of your window.

Sending a Message

Use the search bar to find a contact, or type in a number, then click on the messaging icon to start a message. Remember, SMS is enabled for domestic service only so make sure the recipient number is in the same country as the number its originating from (US for US, and UK for UK).


Type your message at the bottom of the phone window to start a conversation!

Searching Messages

Navigate to the History section of your phone, then click on the “Messages” tab located in the upper right to locate your messages. Click on any of the messages to access old conversations.


While you are in a conversation, you can click on the phone number at the top and select "Add Contact" to save the number to your contacts.

For any previously saved contacts, you can click on their name to access their details. From that page you will be able to edit contact information, or select the phone icon to place a call from the messaging window.

Logging Your SMS in HubSpot

If you have SMS enabled numbers and also have installed the HubSpot integration, you can log messages as HubSpot timeline events on a Contact or Company.

Learn more about how SMS messages are logged in HubSpot from Aircall here.


Will SMS be enabled for all phone lines on an account?

You must specify with your Aircall rep which phone lines need to be enabled ahead of set up.

If I want to add additional lines, will these automatically be SMS enabled or is this manual each time?

Manual for now. Please reach out to your Aircall contact to add lines.

If I’m on multiple numbers can I choose the number that I want to send the text to be sent from?

Yes, the user can pick the number in the drop-down just as they do for calling.

Are we able to enable texting for only a few users?

No, it is applied to all users at the company.

Can I send a text internationally?

No, for now, SMS service is only domestic. If you have a US number, you can only send/receive messages from another US number.

Will we be able to automatically log SMS on an integration?

SMS logging will be available in March exclusively for HubSpot.

Will it be possible to automatically send SMS with Aircall through HubSpot workflows (using the agent credential/phone number)?

We will have the ability to automatically log SMS in HubSpot, but will not offer the ability to send or receive SMS from HubSpot’s workflows.

Will there be analytics in the dashboard for SMS?

Currently there are no analytics capabilities for SMS.

Can I send emojis?

Yes 🙂

Can I send images or files?


Can I send URLs?


Can I send messages to Puerto Rico?

No. Even though Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., it is not included in domestic messaging at this time.

Does sending a text message to a new contact automatically create a new contact in HubSpot?


Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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