Please note: SMS is currently available only for numbers in the US, Canada, UK, France & Australia.

Aircall’s native SMS feature offers one-to-one messaging to better engage prospects and customers, and communicate efficiently.


  • Send / Receive

  • View History

  • Call from messaging window

  • Add a contact from messaging window

  • Notifications (Badge and Push)

  • HubSpot logging


  • Desktop and Web application (including CTI)

  • iOS

  • Android

⚠️ Please note that SMS is only available for Classic numbers; IVR numbers will not be eligible for messaging. Users must also be added to the call distribution for a number - if a user is added as Outgoing Calling Only, they will not have access to SMS.

Navigating the App

After you sign in to the app, you can navigate to the dialer (Keypad) where you will see a blue messaging icon on the bottom left of your window.

Sending a Message

From the Keypad tab, use the search bar to find a contact or type in a number, then click on the messaging icon to start a message. Available on the desktop, iOS, and Android, you can also now start or resume an SMS conversation directly from a contact details page.

iOS and Android mobile apps

In addition to the contact details page, you can now start or resume an SMS conversation directly from the contact lists in the People section.

⚠️ Remember, SMS is enabled for domestic service only, so make sure the recipient number is in the same country as the number it is originating from (France for France, and the UK for the UK). The exception is US ↔ Canada which is possible.


Type your message at the bottom of the phone window to start a conversation!

Viewing Messages

Navigate to the History section of your phone, then click on the Messages tab located in the upper right to locate your messages. Click on any of the messages to access your conversations.


While you are in a conversation, you can click on the phone number at the top and select 'Add Contact' to save the number to your contacts.

For any previously saved contacts, you can click on their name to access their details. From that page, you will be able to edit contact information or select the phone icon to place a call from the messaging window.

Receiving a message

When you receive a text message, you will be alerted through two types of notifications: Push notifications and Badge notifications. All agents assigned to the number to which the message was sent will receive these notifications.

Push notifications

Push notifications are small pop-up alerts that help the user identify that there is a new message. They appear when the user has the Aircall Phone Application in the background, or in the foreground but they are in a different screen than the conversation view where they received the message. They also provide a quick link to the conversation and allow the user to respond to the conversation directly from the notification.

Badge notifications

Badge notifications appear as small red circles and show the number of unread messages for each conversation, and an aggregated total in the navigation bar in order to alert an agent that there is a new message to read. Once a user opens and views a message, the badge notification will disappear.

Logging Your SMS in HubSpot

If you have SMS-enabled numbers and also have installed the HubSpot integration, you can log messages as HubSpot timeline events on a Contact or Company.

Learn more about how SMS messages are logged in HubSpot from Aircall here.

If you are an Aircall customer and would like to activate SMS on your eligible numbers, please make a request here.


How is text messaging priced?

For the US and Canada, domestic messaging is included at no additional charge up to 4000 outbound messages per user per month. For other regions, we charge per outbound text at industry competitive rates. Contact your account manager for details.

Will SMS be enabled for all eligible phone lines on an account?

Yes, all eligible numbers will have SMS enabled. If you are porting numbers into Aircall, or have put in a special request to purchase a number, please make sure to let us know so that we can ensure the number is eligible.

If I want to add additional lines, will these automatically be SMS enabled, or is this manual each time?

For any eligible numbers, SMS will be enabled automatically. Numbers purchased through the Admin Dashboard will be eligible, but for any special requests for additional numbers, please make sure to let us know they need to be eligible for SMS.

If I’m on multiple numbers can I choose the number that I want to send the text to be sent from?

Yes, the user can pick the number in the drop-down just as they do for calling.

Is it possible to enable texting for only a few users?

No, it is applied to all users at the company.

Can I send a text internationally?

No, for now, SMS service is only domestic, with the exception of US ↔ Canada which is possible. If you have a UK number, you can only send/receive messages from another UK number.

Can I send messages to Puerto Rico?

No. Even though Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., it is not included in domestic messaging at this time.

Can I automatically log SMS on an integration?

Currently, SMS logging is available for HubSpot. We will look to add more CRM and Helpdesk integrations in the future. Learn more about HubSpot logging here.

Can I receive authorization/verification codes, one-time passwords (OTPs), or two-factor authentication (2FA) codes by text?
Many services will send authorization/verification codes, OTPs, or 2FA texts with a short code number using an irregular format, such as 1234 instead of 123-456-7890. You will not be able to receive texts from short code numbers as they will not be recognized as 'valid' numbers.

To be safe, we recommend using an alternate verification method as you may not be able to see if a short code number is used to send a text like this ahead of time.

Is it possible to automatically send SMS with Aircall through CRM workflows (using the agent credential/phone number)?

Not at this time.

Does sending a text message to a new contact automatically create a new contact in HubSpot?


Can I use Aircall numbers for bulk messaging?

While Aircall’s native text messaging is designed for one-to-one conversations, and thus unable to offer bulk messaging, we do offer third-party integrations with several providers including Heymarket, Sakari, Salesmsg, and Textline. Using a third party may allow you to use Aircall numbers for bulk messaging, and you can learn more about each SMS provider and enablement here. You can use a 3rd party messaging service on the same account that uses Aircall native text messaging, but not on the same number.

Are there any analytics in the Dashboard for SMS?

Currently, there are no analytics capabilities for SMS.

Can I send emojis?

Yes 🙂

Can I send images or files?


Can I send URLs?


How can I share feedback about SMS and additional functionality I would like to have in the future?

We would love to hear from you so that we can understand your business needs and how we can better support you in the future. Customers can submit feedback here.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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