To fulfill our obligations under federal, state, and local laws, Aircall will begin to collect the required taxes and commissions from customers based on their billing addresses.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Where can I access my taxes and commissions?
    To access your Company’s charges, navigate to Aircall Dashboard > Account > Invoice PDF

  2. How does Aircall determine my taxes and commissions liability?
    These local, state, and federal assessments are based on your Company’s billing address. Please check the top right-hand corner of your Invoice PDF to confirm your billing address.

  3. Why did my monthly bill increase?
    Aircall is obligated to collect taxes and commissions on the sale of all Aircall Services, which is why you will notice the tax and commission charge on your invoice. This charge is mandated by your local, state, and federal jurisdiction.

  4. How do I understand what the new taxes are for?
    taxes are labeled and itemized on each invoice with the amount displayed and added to the total invoice amount.

  5. I was not paying taxes before, so why do I need to pay now?
    Aircall routinely evaluates its legal obligations regarding tax collection and remittance. Based on such reviews, Aircall will implement tax changes from time to time to stay compliant with all government regulatory and tax requirements.

  6. Why are my taxes different on some invoices?
    The taxes and fees collected depend on the specific invoice items.

For any specific questions about taxes or billing, please feel free to reach out directly to our Billing Team!

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