Making use of HubSpot Workflows/Custom Properties, you are able to create reports based on the Tags your Aircall users leave on each call. You may want to analyze trends in your sales pipeline, customer pain points, feature requests, etc., based on the frequency of certain Tags used to categorize conversations.

For example, you may want to create a report that shows the number of qualified leads each member of your sales team has generated, based on a Tag called “Qualified Lead”:

To make a report such as the one above, you will need to make use of the “Last used Aircall tags” custom property as well as a custom property of your own that will count the number of times a Tag is mentioned. As the “Last used Aircall tags” property is updated on each call, we will use a new custom property to store data each time the appropriate Tag is used.

Setting up your Custom Property:

  • Go to Settings (⚙️ ) -> Properties -> Create Property

  • Select the Object Type to be Contact

  • Choose a Label and select a Group (any option is fine for both of these fields, although it is recommended to label and group your property in a way that is easy for you to find in the future)

  • Enter a Description (optional)

  • Click Next

  • Finally select the Field Type to be Number, the Format to be Formatted Number, and click Create

Setting up your Workflow:

As seen in the image above, you will choose to trigger this workflow when the custom property “Last used Aircall Tags” contains the Tag you are interested in reporting on (“Qualified Lead” in our example).

You will then use an If/Then branch to check if the custom property you created has a value (“Custom Property: Qualified Lead” in our example). If not, the value is changed to 1. If there is already a value, that value is then increased by 1. By setting up this workflow, your custom property can be used as a way to count how many times a certain Tag is applied after a call with each of your Contacts.

Setting up your Report:

Now that you have your custom property and workflow set up, the last step is to create a report that shows the data in relation to whatever may be relevant.

In our example, we have chosen to show the total number of qualified leads for each member of our Sales team.

In order to create a report like this, go to the Reports dropdown, click on Reports, then click Create a custom report:

On the first page, select Single object, Contacts, then click on Next:

In the Data section of the report you will want to add your custom property and the property you would like to pair with it (Contact Owner for our case where we want to see all of the Sales Team members) to the Selected properties section:

Finally, go to the Visualization section of the report and choose how you would like your data to display. In our case we chose to display the Contact Owners, measured by our custom property, which gives us a report of how many leads have been qualified per each member of the Sales Team, based off the Tags used on calls:

Please note, you may need to additionally adjust the filters for your report to appropriately show only the information you find relevant. In our example we filtered to show all Contacts regardless of when they were created, but also filtered to only show Contacts in which our Custom Property had a value, that way we could cut out any Sales Team members who had not qualified a lead yet:

This is just one example of a report that can be built by this method. By following these same steps, you can create custom properties which measure the number of times any one of your Aircall Tags is used on calls, and then can create a report to view that data in relation to any of your Contact Properties that may be relevant.

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