Aircall’s Power Dialer and Click-to-Dial features help outbound calling teams connect with customers faster by identifying phone numbers on a webpage and adding them to your Aircall phone or to an automated calling queue.

Formerly available only on Google Chrome, you can now launch Aircall’s Click-to-Dial and Power Dialer features through browser extensions on Chrome and Microsoft Edge!

⭐ To start, you will need to install the Aircall Extension on either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Please note that your experience using the extension on Microsoft Edge may slightly differ from Google Chrome.

To activate the extension, please click on the Aircall Extension icon on the navigation bar of your browser (upper right-hand corner), then login with your Aircall credentials.

After logging in, you will see two screens, each of which can be opened and closed as necessary.

Extension Settings

The first screen you will see is your Extension Settings where you can choose to show the number panel on web pages, highlight numbers on web pages, or choose which local number formats you wish to search for:

When “Highlight phone numbers” is turned on, each identified number will be highlighted in green, and you will be able to simply click the number to dial it in your application:

The Aircall Extension will search for numbers in local formats from the countries you select in the Extension Settings.

By clicking on your initials or picture that is displayed in the top right, you will be able to either open your Aircall Phone application or log out:

In the 'Your local numbers' section, you will be able to select up to 5 countries that you would like the extension to recognize local number formats for. The countries listed here are based on the numbers that you are assigned to, meaning you must be assigned to an Aircall number from a particular country in order for the extension to identify local formats of that country's numbers on you webpages. The extension will automatically identify any numbers that are in an international format (with a country code included), regardless of your selections in this section.

You can close the Extension Settings at any time by clicking on any part of the webpage you are on. You can open the Extension Settings again as needed by clicking again on the Aircall Extension icon in your browser.

Number Panel:

The second screen you will see is the Numbers Panel:

From here you can see all identified numbers found on your current web page, and will be able to open each in your Phone application for calling. You are also able to add multiple numbers to a Power Dialing list which can be used to call multiple numbers back to back.

You can close the Numbers Panel by clicking on the green widget below the screen, and can move the screen around as needed by clicking the three horizontal lines and dragging it across your webpage. If you would like the widget to not show at all, you can toggle 'Show numbers panel on pages' off.

Using the Number Panel for Click-to-Dial and the Power Dialer

When visiting a webpage that contains phone numbers, the Number Panel will identify and show each:

By clicking the phone icon next to a number, you are able to automatically dial that number in your Aircall application.

By clicking the three dots next to a number, you are able to find the number on your webpage or copy the phone number:

Please note that if number highlighting is enabled in the Extension Settings page, the 'Show on page' option will be greyed out as the number will already be highlighted.

If a number was identified as being in a local format, that information will be displayed by hovering over an “i” next to the number:

This feature can help you to identify any numbers that were mistakenly added to the list due to them matching a local phone number format of one of the countries selected in the Extension Settings.

Once numbers have been identified, you will then be able add the list to the Power Dialer feature. You can also hover over each number to select which ones from the list you would like to add to the Power Dialer, as well as reorder the numbers by clicking on the three lines on the right and dragging each number into the proper order:

By clicking “Power Dialer” you will be directed to a screen where you can see all Valid, Duplicate, and Invalid numbers that have been identified:

Any numbers that have already been added to your Power Dialer from a previous page will show in the “Duplicate” section and will not be added again. Any numbers identified as being invalid will show in the “Invalid” section.

From this page you can choose to go back to add more numbers from a different page, or can click “Open Aircall” to open your application. From your application you will be able to view your list and start the dialing session:

For more information on Power Dialing sessions, please view this article.

⚠️ Please note that it is only possible to add 1000 numbers to your Power Dialer at a time. Should you need to add more than 1000, please make sure to divide the list into parts no greater than 1000 each, and add each part individually.

⚠️ Please note that you may run into issues when using the Aircall Extension with Google Sheets. For best practices on using Google Sheets to create Power Dialing sessions, please visit this page.

Displaying contact and company name in the Number Panel

This new feature helps outbound calling teams improve their productivity as it enables them to identify contacts before clicking to Click-to-dial or pushing the numbers to the Power Dialer session.

Whenever the extension retrieves a number that belongs to an Aircall contact, the Number Panel will display the contact's name and company.

As shown in the image below, the extension has detected one Aircall contact within all the numbers found. Therefore, it shows the contact's name and their company:

This feature works across all browsers for which the Aircall Extension is available: Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

⚠️ Please note that the contact's company will only be shown if the contact has a company in their record. Otherwise, only the contact's name will be shown.

⚠️ Please also note that if you are logged both into the Aircall Phone and into the CTI, the power dialer will trigger the Aircall Phone over the CTI.

For a quick demo on using our Browser Extensions, please view the video below:

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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